Why should you choose a French Provincial Home?

Why should you choose a French Provincial Home?

Since the 1600s, this kind of house has gained popularity due to its design elements and royal feel. It was first built in the regional areas of Provence, Normandy, and Brittany. When walking down a street today, with rows of French Provincial Homes it is a breathtaking view as the beauty of these homes catches every eye. These houses are almost every time two stories, sometimes even three with the third in the space between the roof and second floor. But due to its intricacy, making a Provincial French Home should be a Custom Home Builders job. Also, it ensures that the home is built according to the desire of its owners. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a provincial French Home. 

  1. If you want a knockdown rebuild 

French homes have been in demand for a few years now, especially very demanding in Melbourne. So if you are looking for a knockdown rebuild Melbourne homes can easily be done so, or in that manner any other home too. The knockdown rebuild helps one to change their home majorly while keeping finances in check. 

  1. You want inspiration 

Our homes are our canvases for drawing inspiration. Without a home that is made to perfect our hearts, it can never be inspirational. With the definition and intricacy that Fench Provincial Homes are made, its owners always derive inspiration from such a beauty. If your old home has become bland, then it may be time to rebuild your home to spruce it up. 

  1. To live like royalty  

French homes usually have rendered walls with intricate roof trimmings and dark roofs. The living room is draped in wooden flooring with vintage French decor to give the ultimate boost to the vibe. It is unmatched in its sense and brings France home. The French homes can bring luxury and royalty to life. 

  1. Do you like casual elegance 

French homes are known to have a very chic exterior and interior look. Yet it is very low maintenance. The designs are a step away from industrial minimalism because of the curves in the furniture and the designs on them. Big armor is a staple for French Decoration. The exterior looks just as beautiful with the arched roofs pointing towards the ground with beautiful trimmings. For a little extraness, entrances even have tall pillars till the second floor. 

  1. You love history 

A history fanatic can never miss the opportunity of enjoying the pleasure of living in a French Provincial Home. The origin of the architecture was since King Louis XV and since then the has been a revival of it across the world. New homeowners who want the look and feel of grandiose, soft colors, and linen upholstery, always tend to choose French Provincial Homes. 

Final thoughts 

These are some of the top reasons why homeowners, new and old are living to get their home built French-inspired. It is necessary to hire yourself a Custom Home Builder to make sure you get your home done right. 

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