The Perfect Soft Furnishings for your Home

The Perfect Soft Furnishings for your Home

Every home deserves some TLC and by introducing luxurious soft furnishings you are creating the perfect ambience and relaxation spot. These small touches add finesse to your home and are essential to creating a beautiful, comforting atmosphere. We’ve discovered the perfect soft furnishings for your home from curtains and blinds to scatter cushions and throws. 

Curtains and Blinds

Curtains and blinds are perfect for creating character and definition in any room, particularly if your room feels bland and sparse. If your home boasts a neutral style, introducing curtains and blinds to your home featuring contrasting patterns and textures will break up your space and add some interest and focal points. 

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Luxury Towels

Every bathroom deserves luxury. Soft furnishings in the form of thick, fluffy bath towels hang beautifully over any radiator and feature perfectly on any open shelving. You can tell a good quality towel from one lacking in softness. Luxury towels are really making a statement as far as bathrooms in 2021 go, with designers utilizing them as part of their bathroom accessory features.  


Any room both large and small will welcome a statement feature such as a soft rug. This is the perfect way to introduce some variety in texture to both look at and touch. Size really matters here and don’t be afraid to go big even if your room is small. You can really create the illusion that your room is bigger than it is with a feature rug in a small room. Don’t be afraid to overlap your furniture on top of the rug such as your sofa and any foot stools if the area is limited, this will break up your space. Additionally, if your room is large, you will benefit from breaking up the flooring space with a feature rug, particularly if you have wooden floors. 


Layering your room with feature throws is the perfect way to get the most out of your soft furnishings. You may prefer the folded, uniformed look or perhaps the relaxed feel of having a throw, ‘thrown’ over the back of your chair or over your foot stools. There are many ways to style your throws so have a play around to find the style that suits you and complements your décor. Additionally, introducing throws into your living space is the perfect way to add a pop of colour. The benefit being that when your style changes or when the seasons change you can easily swap in another complementing style. 

Scatter Cushions 

Like your throws, scatter cushions are easily transferable and make a beautiful statement in most rooms. You’ll find your sofas and beds look stark without them which shows their true impact. You can introduce beautiful blush pinks and creams with metallic detailing for the more luxurious vibe. If country style is more to your taste you may opt for a tartan print or hessian fabric featuring country animals. 

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