Using Chandeliers to Transform Your Interior

Using Chandeliers to Transform Your Interior

Lighting we believe is one of the most important factors in your home design. Over the years the chandelier has adapted to take on many different roles in many different interior styles. We no longer associate the chandelier with large period homes with ornate decoration and they feature vastly in interior home style trends of the modern day. We absolutely love the chandelier and all it brings to the table and we’re here to show you how you can transform your home using this attractive feature.  


Industrial décor is the perfect backdrop for a statement centrepiece chandelier. We’re not talking your crystal tiered period light fitting. The perfect industrial chandelier features matt black tones, industrial style light bulbs with multiple tiers. The industrial chandelier would feature stylishly over a large living space, complimenting textures throughout the room, completing the industrial vibe you’re aiming to achieve. The industrial home style creates a relaxed, informal environment and the industrial chandelier certainly reflects this. 

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Hollywood Glam

The Hollywood glam style features metallic tones in show stopping styles that can be considered artwork. If your dining room is large, you can feature a picturesque central chandelier over your dining table which makes for a great talking point at any dinner party. Additionally, introducing such a statement piece over your dining table creates a focal point in your room, complementing other design features you may have from luxurious sweeping curtains to large opulent mirrors.

Hallway Chandeliers 

Does your home have a large, open, statement hallway welcoming you into your home? Featuring a statement chandelier here you can combine ambient lighting with accent lighting to create the perfect welcoming tones. Additionally, if your hallway is touching on the smaller side, introducing a mirror adjacent to any light source will open your space dramatically creating the illusion of a large, bright space, making room for a smaller statement chandelier. 

Staircase Chandeliers 

Staircase chandeliers cascade beautiful down any spiral staircase, recreating the look of a spiral. The light reflects beautifully here, particularly if you opt for a crystal chandelier. If you are looking to make a statement and your home features a spiral staircase, this is certainly the project for you to undertake.  If you don’t have high ceilings, you should reconsider your choice as the spiral chandelier takes up a lot of vertical space. 

Modern Chandelier 

If the avant-garde approach is your vibe, then the modern chandelier is for you. Complementing the new age of décor, the modern chandelier generally has an uneven look about it with sharp edges, futuristic feels, and a variety of shapes and styles. The place for the modern chandelier is somewhere it can make a good first impression. Ideally these are perfect for an entrance hall, living room, kitchen above a centre island, or dining area. 

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