Congratulations on your new home!

It is a huge achievement transitioning from being a tenant to a homeowner. However, as much as the experience is fun, it also needs careful planning.

In this article, we are going to offer invaluable advice to first-time homeowners to make the shift as swift as possible.

  • Do a walkthrough in the vacant house

Before you move into your new home, ensure you do a walkthrough while the house is still empty. Check if all the things and appliances you need are correctly installed. If there are repairs to be done, make sure they are done accordingly.

Also, going around the house allows you to have a rough idea of how you want your interior design and décor to come across. At this time, you can decide where to place furniture, mount the television, and many other things.

Besides, this is the appropriate time to look at your contract sale to see whether everything is as stipulated. 

  • Familiarize yourself with the homeowners association

Homeowners association bodies are an important part of safeguarding the community as well as the property. To prevent yourself from being a recipient of punitive measures, especially from homeowners association management companies, familiarizing yourself with the rules and policies regarding living in the neighborhood.

The homeowners association’s main duties are to provide necessary amenities to residents, deter unruly behavior from homeowners, and implement regulations that protect the homes’ value. By understanding what is expected, you are in a better position to co-exist with other residents peacefully.

  • Get a home warranty plan

Unlike a home insurance plan that covers the house in case of fires and other major damages, a home warranty plan will cover home appliances such as air conditioners, electrical systems, as well as refrigerators, and dryers. Home warranty companies also allow for additional coverage on other appliances at additional costs. That way, you have peace of mind knowing that your appliances are covered, and you will not pay a lot of money to repair or replace them in case of malfunctions or breakdowns.

  • Do a plumbing inspection

Plumbing issues are among the worst problems in any home. As such, before you start dealing with the stresses of leaking faucets, hire the services of a plumbing repair company to conduct a plumbing inspection. 

During the inspection, the plumbers will look at your indoor and outdoor water supply system, your drainage, as well as the piping. These inspections are especially done in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and any other room with a water supply.

Apart from inspecting the faucets and pressure valves, the plumber will also look at the dishwasher and washing machine connections to ensure they are not leaking. Leakages in such a case are handled immediately as electrical issues might arise later. 

  • Re-key all locks

When you move into a new home, you might never know how many people lived there before you. As such, the importance of re-keying cannot be over-emphasized.

Seek the services of a reputable locksmith to help you. A locksmith possesses all the necessary knowledge to help you re-key all locks, ensuring you have a unique set of keys. Additionally, he should look at each door’s locking systems to ensure that it locks appropriately and does not compromise your security.

If you want additional security, have them install high-security locks, motion sensors, or CCTV cameras, all depending on your preferred level of security.

  • Look for signs of pest infestation

Residential pest infestations are stressful, to say the least. Dealing with pests is cumbersome as these rodents and insects have impeccable hiding skills, and you will rarely be able to get rid of them by yourself.

Go to the house before the actual moving date and look for signs of pest infestation. Physical damage to structures, grease marks, pest droppings, and evidence of nesting are some of the signs that a house is infested. 

It is advisable to deal with this situation as fast as possible by calling a residential pest control near me. By using a professional pest control service, you prevent further infestation as pests are known to multiply quickly. Furthermore, it is an effective way of safeguarding you and your family from bites and illnesses as a result of eating contaminated food.

  • Check the electrical system

A home’s electrical system is one of the most important things to consider before moving, especially if the house had previous owners. Considering the sensitivity of electrical systems, it is highly advised that you call a certified electrician to inspect as they have all the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, and tools to handle electrical faults.

For starters, the electrician should check the connections from the main electrical supply unit. While still outside, he can look around for any tall trees that stand in the way of electrical lines. Additionally, he also needs to look at all the electrical outlets in the house to ensure they are in proper working order.

If you are moving into a not-so-modern home, be keen on the electrical outlets as they may need upgrades. Also consider if you need to install ceiling fans, additional switches, reading spotlights, or any other electrical equipment. 

Like the other above-mentioned tasks, make sure these electrical inspections, installations, and upgrades are done when the house is still empty. That way, the electricians can work swiftly, avoiding unnecessary additional costs.

  • Update your address

No matter how much technological advancements grow, we will always need to have a home address. Before you move, make prior arrangements to notify your post office and allow them to update your address. 

Considering that your address is essential in mail forwarding as well as receiving notifications and updates from your various subscriptions and loyalty programs, make a point of updating it before you move. That way, you minimize the chances of your mail getting lost or being sent to your last known address.

  • Schedule deep cleaning before moving

Deep cleaning is a crucial and necessary step before moving. After you are contented with the condition of the house, it is important to schedule deep cleaning.

Deep cleaning, what it does is, it eliminates viruses and bacteria from your home. It also increases indoor air quality as it eliminates allergens and dust that might cause illnesses. Last but not least, it invites a healthier living space, allowing the habitants to live more peacefully and comfortably. 

  • Hire the services of a roofing company

If you are moving into an aged home, your home inspector should have determined how many years your home rooftop has before a roof replacement. Doing a local search via Google by typing residential roofing near me, you will have access to the services of a local company with excellent reviews. 

It may be many years before you need a roof replacement, but have them identified and well mapped out, can save you a headache in case of an emergency or even in need of their services for maintenance. 

To wrap it up– being a first-time owner is the greatest satisfaction and, obviously, a huge accomplishment. Protecting your home investment by keeping up the maintenance and inspections up-to-date is common sense. 

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