How to Decorate Your Home Using Stacked Stone Cladding?

How to Decorate Your Home Using Stacked Stone Cladding?

Before you decide to decorate your home using stone cladding,it is imperative to get A brief about stacked stone cladding. The term stone cladding implies a decorative covering that is made from either simulated or real stone. You can use such cladding to create layers on walls made from materials such as concrete, cement, and steel, to name a few. The companies that manufacture these products usually make such cladding from natural stones such as granite, slate, sandstone, and materials that resemble the appearance of natural stone but are just as light as a veneer. These products are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and textures.

This is a major reason they are such a great option to impart a sense of history to your home and make it charming in the truest sense of the word. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, such stone cladding also protects your walls. It can insulate your home and help it maintain a certain temperature too.  

Giving your walls a rustic touch:

You can use Stacked Stone Cladding to impart a rustic touch to your walls. This would surely create a fantastic first impression on everyone who visits your home. The best place to do so would be at the foyer. It would have a soothing and warm effect on the people who are walking into your house. If you have a light-hued and crisp kitchen, you can use stone cladding on the backsplash. It would give that area a unique sense of space. The kitchen itself would be gorgeous and neutral, while the stone cladding would add the rustic touch you are looking for.

You can also use stone cladding to create a divider at home – one that does not take up a lot of space, which is ideal in such cases. In these cases, you can also settle for something that is out of the ordinary – doing so would set that space apart from others of its ilk. You can choose stone cladding on a part of a wall and create a truly unique space. 

Using stone cladding at spaces where it is least expected:

No rule says that a kitchen must only be designed for functionality. You can always use stacked stone claddingand make things interesting in this context. By doing so, you would make them fun spaces to be at. Using stone cladding in such a space would help you create a space that is striking and unusual. You would also not experience any issues in cleaning such a space up. Doing so would also ensure that people always remember your home. 

Creating beauty through asymmetry:

You can use stacked stone claddingto create a ledge stone, which is a stacked and beautiful arrangement in every sense of the word. Here you would use rectangular and thin tiles that would come in various widths and heights. They would come together to impart a busy look and feel to your room. You can also go for an unfinished and gritty appearance with your ledge stone. If the fittings and furniture in that room are streamlined and smooth, such a space would act as a great counterpoint indeed.

You can use a ledge stone in your bathroom as well.

Bring a part of Tuscany to your home:

Tuscany is one part of the world from where you can draw inspiration for using stone cladding in the exteriors of your home.

Using such stacked stone claddingis indeed great for adding some classic charm to your modern home. Granite is the best option in case you are looking to create such a design. This is because it can absorb heat, so you do not need air conditioners at all.  

Using black to make it beautiful:

Black stacked stone claddingis highly recommended because it is timeless and versatile. It would indeed be an exceptional addition to spaces like your bedroom since you can combine it with various colour schemes. It helps that the stone cuts in these cases are not too prominent. If the room is already a sleek one, such stone cladding would bring in just the precise extent of texture, you need over there.  

Using them on your stairs:

You can use stone cladding on the stairs of your garden. If your boundary wall is dry-stacked, such stone cladding would act as a great compliment. This will make a beautiful vignette as well.

Giving it the 3D effect:

You can also use stacked stone claddingto create a 3D (three-dimensional) effect in your home. Here you can create an interplay of depth and shadow. Such a wall would also hog the limelight and also create a beautiful contrast with the light bulbs in that space. 

Using decorative cladding outdoors:

This is also a splendid way to use stacked stone cladding. The outdoor walls of your home represent the best opportunity for you to get creative in this context and bring your design ideas to the fore. This way, in the courtyard, you could also create a space that offers plenty of serenity and pleases the eyes no end. You can also be sure in this case that such décor would last a long time because it can withstand the elements easily. Even in case, you do not want to use stone cladding in an entire outdoor wall, you need not worry.

In such cases, you can always use stacked stone claddingin a certain part of one of your exterior walls. You can choose any design that you want in these cases and make your walls charming and fun.

Create serenity by using white:

You can use stacked stone claddingin your bathrooms as well. For this, you can choose lighter colours with white being the best option in these cases. Such stone cladding would surely brighten up space like never. You can use colours like grey in different shades if you have used neutral colours or whites to style the whole house. This is indeed a great way to break the monotony in these cases.

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