Lighting Tips for Every Room Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Home's Lighting

Lighting Tips for Every Room Easy Ways to Instantly Improve Your Home’s Lighting

What comes to your mind when you think about lighting?

Is it just about the switch you turn on when you enter a room, or is it much more than that?

Lighting isn’t just a bulb you buy from the store, install and call it a day. There’s so much more to lighting than you think and we’re here to shed a light for you on this topic ( pun intended ) to help you choose and improve your home’s lighting. 

Do you ever feel a certain way when entering a room in your house? Whether it’s the living room, bedroom, bathroom or even kitchen? The atmosphere is completely different in each room, ever wondered why? It’s the lighting of course. It makes a huge difference and you didn’t even know up until you started reading this blog.

When you enter let’s say your kitchen it’s probably way brighter than the living room area, it’s because what you do in the kitchen needs that kind of lighting. Your bedroom would also have different lighting than the living room area. I think you get the point of how each area in your house has different lighting settings.

We’ll chat more about the different types of lighting, but did you think that was it? It may seem that simple but once you’re done reading this blog you’ll realize that you need to look around your house and see if there’s something that feels off. Lighting is a bigger topic than you’d think and we’ll try our best to explain and note down some points to make it as simple as can be.

In terms of lighting we’ll be chatting about both different types of bulbs and fixtures as well because they’re just as important to mention. Fixtures are important because they could elevate the look of your home, they could even make your home look more luxurious, it all depends on the atmosphere and design you’re going for.

Lighting is divided into different types and each has different specs:

The specs that you need to keep in mind:

  • Bulb type ( LED )
  • Holder type ( E27, E14 )
  • Light color ( Daylight, Warm white, Cool white )
  • Lumens ( 800, 1100, 470, 1000, 420 …etc )
  • Shape ( round, square )
  • Watts ( 4W, 8W, 20W…etc )

Improving your home’s lighting starts with you looking around the different areas in your house, if something feels off then it’s probably the time to give yourself a lighting makeover.

Is your living room area comfortable? I don’t mean the seating arrangement or how your furniture is placed but is it comfortable for your eyes? If not, then you probably have the wrong bulbs installed.

You don’t need to be an electrician or have a degree in bulbs if that’s a thing, you could do your search if you were that invested in the topic but, with the tips we’ll share you wouldn’t need all the extra work to do so.

In this blog we’ll be mentioning the lighting tips for homes that aren’t that spacious and considered small in a way, could also work for small apartments. First thing you need to do is have a look in the current area you’re sitting in, does the atmosphere feel spacious or narrow in a way? The reason we asked that question is because lighting helps in creating that feel.

As we mentioned there are three different colors for lighting, there’s daylight, warm white and cool white. The only thing you need to know about those colors is if they work in your living spaces or not, and by work we mean make it feel more spacious and comfortable for the eyes. Let’s get started with the tips on how each color would enhance your home spaces.

Cool white:

When you think of areas like kitchens, basements and garages you’d think bright light because you need to be productive and somewhat alert. Cool white is the perfect light to go with because of it’s blue like hue and bright glow that’ll give you the right amount of energy in your home.

Warm white:

Any area in your home that is considered the center of family gatherings such as living rooms, dinning areas are linked to warmth and a comfy atmosphere so you don’t want to have any kind of harsh lighting, that is why warm white is your definite choice. It’s also perfect for bedrooms because what better place that needs a relaxing vibe than your own room.


When you think of the outdoors natural light comes to mind and that’s the closest we could describe the color daylight. It fits in almost all areas of your home and we’d say it’s the best choice if you require that bright natural feel without the annoying blue tones that cool white has.

Let’s start your journey to improving your home’s lighting by giving you a few good options of what lighting brands are out there. There are many brands to choose from but HomeWagon has made it way easier by going for the best brands out there in terms of quality and pricing. Featuring brands like GE, BRIGHT BEAM,  SKYING and local brands like Familycare. Give the app and website a visit and check out the different lighting products that you can purchase with a click of a button at Homewagon/lighting

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