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What Makes Limestone an Environmentally Friendly Stone for Homes and Gardens

Natural stone is a truly incredible product that can be used in various ways. For centuries now, various natural stones have been used to construct homes and large buildings. The best part is they are still standing, having endured countless rains, summers, winters, floods, earthquakes, famines, etc. Some natural stones are produced locally while others are sourced internationally. Of all stones that are used across the world, Limestone has proven itself to be the most environmentally friendly. The stone has always shown how good it is in places not prone to natural disasters and is also known to be environmentally friendly, as highlighted by certain factors mentioned below:

  • Limestone Tiles are not made with any kind of toxic chemicals or glues. Thus, the product is safe and contains no toxic fumes.
  • Buyers spend less on maintaining their Limestone Pavers as compared to other natural stone products. They do not have to bother about painting or waterproofing them as is generally the case with other natural stone products. Waterproofing though might be a consideration if the stone is being used outdoors to pave swimming pool decks.
  • Limestone is a recyclable stone. If the stone has been used to construct something and that construction is taken down, it is recyclable and reusable for something such as a garden bench, edging, or another wall.
  • The stone hardly harms the environment around it, since wherever the stone is used, nothing grows there anyway with the ground being all stone.
  • In case Limestone Pavers crack or break off, the broken pieces can be crushed and mixed with concrete. The result of the entire recycling process is an even stronger building or paving products, thus saving the stone from getting wasted.
  • Limestone Tiles have multiple uses, ranging from stairways to footpaths and cladding to feature walls and retaining walls.
  • The best thing about Limestone is that even if the stone begins to weather off, which is generally visible when what was sharp edges have now become round edges, it hardly deters the rock from continuing to carry out its job whether it has been used in a commercial project or in a residential complex.

Limestone is used across the world. It is generally cut into pavers or small blocks using diamond tip saws and other tools for a smooth finish. It is also cut in a rough manner when used for constructing feature walls and garden walls, the result being something very attractive.

All of the reasons mentioned above are why homeowners are generally encouraged to choose Limestone to pave their patios and driveways and swimming pool decks as the stone is sure to add value to any building or landscaping project.

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