Kitchen Confidential: What Are the Coolest 2021 Kitchen Trends?

Kitchen Confidential: What Are the Coolest 2021 Kitchen Trends?

Are you ready to freshen up your home by revamping your kitchen this year? If you’re looking to create a modern and welcoming kitchen space, keep reading for some great trends that we will be seeing everywhere this year.

Create the kitchen of your dreams with some of our favorite 2021 kitchen trends. There are things both big and small that you can do with your kitchen to make it a great space to cook and entertain this year.

Warm Up Your Kitchen Space

If you want to make your kitchen look less sterile and boring, and more welcoming and inviting, warming up this space with design and decor is a great way to do so. Considering using a grounding neutral such as beige and combining it with warm pops of color like burnt orange or deep aquas. These deep colors will help to create a sense of comfort in this space, which is great for entertaining guests or your family.

These warm hues work best with natural textures and details such as greenery, natural wood tones, woven textures, and gold details. Using these natural textures allows you to create a space that feels organic and welcoming. This works especially well when paired with outdoor elements and visuals.

Bring the warm sunlight and natural outdoor features in by adding large windows and bi-fold doors. This will allow you to let in some natural airflow when the weather allows. Use soft woven or linen shades to block the sunlight on especially bright days.

Increase Your Storage

Do you ever find that you’re frustrated by the lack of space that you have in your kitchen? Increasing your storage spaces in this area can help to make cooking easier and more efficient while making your space look less cluttered and more organized. Pantries, cupboards, and freezers are all great places to expand your storage possibilities in the kitchen.

Consider replacing your current fridge with a more accommodating appliance or buying a standalone freezer for extra storage. Use organizational tools such as cupboards and drawer organizers to make your ingredients and cooking supplies easier to view and use. Labeling designated pantry spaces is a great way to make sure everyone in your home can keep the kitchen organized while making it easy for everyone to find what they need.

Building out a wall to wall cabinetry area is a great idea for those that have space for it. If you can’t afford a remodel, consider finding a freestanding cart to use as a space-saving storage solution.

Clean Up Your Countertops

If you want to update your kitchen, your countertops can be a great place to start. Find a modern and clean material for your countertops that will give your kitchen a whole new glow. Quartz countertops offer an upscale look while also allowing for easy cleanup and long-lasting durability.

Marble countertops are also a great way to brighten up your space with a modern element that has added details. This is a great option for minimal or contemporary styled homes, as the look is clean and bright. These white materials are great for some kitchens, while others may benefit from a darker surface.

Dark glossy countertops, or those made or a deep-toned wood are great for creating some contrast in kitchens with white or light wood cabinets.

Add Pops of Personality

If you want to make your kitchen a space that reflects your home and the people in it, adding interesting details and pops of personality can do the trick. This is especially pleasant for those that tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, making meals for the family or hosting events. A great place to add an expected but visually appealing pop of color or pattern is the backsplash.

Pattered or textured backsplash tiles can add some color and dimension to a kitchen that is neutral. This makes the space look more fun and inviting by adding a little personality. You can also add some personality to your kitchen by adding color and painting an accent wall in your kitchen.

To brighten up your kitchen space you may also consider adding colorful barstools and art to create a sense of playfulness.

Make a Statement With Your Metallics

When it comes to updating your kitchen, it’s best to make sure you’re considering all the details. It’s easy to overlook things like your finishes which may be in need of an update. A great way to update your finishings is to replace your silver cabinet and drawer handles with bold brass finishings.

Brass finishings work especially well in contrast with cool tones such as deep greens or navy as it works to warm these surfaces up. Looking at your taps, hinges, handles, and knobs to see if they could use an update that can allow you to add a sophisticated touch that can elevate the style of your kitchen. A great place to make a statement in your kitchen is by replacing your kitchen tap with a stunning brass or rose gold metallic.

If you want to update your kitchen while also making sure you are creating a space that will remain timeless, check out this article.

Awesome 2021 Kitchen Trends

If you are hoping to elevate and update this space, keep these top 2021 kitchen trends in mind to figure out what styles would work best in your home. There are so many things you can do to make your kitchen pop this year.

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