6 Garden Decor Trends to Watch for 2021

6 Garden Decor Trends to Watch for 2021

An outdoor garden not only adds beauty to any home’s yard, but it aids in maintaining proper mental health as well. Gardening can be a great escape from the real world. As you begin to pull the weeds, plant your flowers, and build your garden, all the worries of the day seem to disappear.

Gardening is a wonderful way to stay busy and one way to remain busy while tending to your garden is to be on the lookout for outdoor garden decor ideas. There are new garden decor trends each year and staying on top of them will help keep your garden updated and beautiful.

How do you know what garden decor will work best in your garden? The first step is to review some of the up and coming 2021 garden decor trends. Once you know what decor items and ideas are trending, you can then decide which ones fit best into your garden design.

Are you ready to get started? Continue reading below to find out more!

1. Vibrant Suncatchers

Suncatchers are a wonderful addition to any garden because they allow the sun to reflect off of them and gently kiss your garden with rays of light. Vibrant suncatchers come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. When you find a suncatcher you like, you place it in your garden where it fits best.

The suncatcher will then attract the sun’s light and bring it down into your garden, allowing it to be surrounded by more sunlight than normal. You can find suncatchers in a variety of designs such as geckos, wind spinners, different flowers, Halloween patterns, butterflies, and more!

2. Solar Decor Lights

Speaking of lights, solar decor lights in the garden will keep your garden well lit during all times of the day. Because solar lights rely on the sun for their power, you won’t have to worry about finding an outlet to plug them into or switching out the batteries. When you think of solar lights for the yard, what’s your first thought?

Does your mind travel to the basic black lights with stakes that dig into the ground? These are good to have when wanting to light up a walkway in your yard or garden, but you have many other options to choose from as well. Solar lights for the garden come in several designs, such as chandeliers that you can hang from a tree or hang from a stand.

There are even some neat DIY ideas for creating your own solar decor lights for a garden!

3. An Outdoor Garden Room

You can bring the outdoors inside, but you can also bring the inside outdoors. Creating an outdoor garden room is a stunning way to enjoy a garden atmosphere within the comfort of an outdoor living space. To create the room, find an area located along a section of the house.

You should then install some type of flooring, whether it be concrete or wood. You can always lay an outdoor rug down to give it more of that homey feel once complete. You can then build a structure over the section, giving it a roof and walls.

The structure can resemble a pergola and doesn’t need to be an actual addition to the house. Then, on the inside of the room, you can transform the wall attached to the house into a living wall. Plant a vertical garden using lattice if needed.

You can include a bench with a few comfy pillows, planter boxes on another wall, and hang pots with plants in them from the ceiling. There are many ways to decorate your outdoor garden room, so be sure to have fun with it!

4. A Naturally-Occurring Garden

A naturally-occurring garden is one that mimics the natural process of harvest and growth as well. Permanent agriculture is another name for this type of gardening. The water, food, and shelter your garden receives are all given to your garden through natural processes.

How do you do such a thing? You’ll need to ensure you’re working with all the natural forces to provide your garden with everything it needs. This is a holistic way to garden.

Stack your plants to allow enough room for each one, plant new plants as the older ones die off, choose crops that grow well with one another, consider the amount of sun and shade in your garden’s location, and try to create your garden in a way that’ll prevent you from having to step into it.

5. A Bright, White Garden

White gardens are becoming more popular. The white aspects of the design help build a bright space. There are a few ways you can create a white garden.

To start, consider using something darker for the background of the garden. This could be a green vertical garden or even a brown fence. Then, you’ll want to place white decor throughout it.

White flowers, a white rug, white dream catchers, and anything else you can think of will work amazingly in your white garden. The balance between the whites and the greens of your garden will create a calming and refreshing space.

6. Windowsill and Balcony Gardens

Gardens don’t have to be limited to a section in your actual yard. If you don’t have the yard space, then don’t panic. You can create a windowsill or balcony garden that’s just as wonderful.

Use the space on your windowsill to attach a planter where you can plant a few flowers. You can then decorate the area around it with fun garden decor items. The same is true for your balcony!

If you want to save space on your balcony, then consider a vertical garden that grows upwards.

These Outdoor Garden Decor Ideas Will Complete Your Yard

When you’re wanting to build a garden, do be sure to keep these outdoor garden decor ideas in mind. There are many ways to build the garden of your dreams. Use the information given in this guide above to get started!

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