How to Choose the Perfect White Accent Chair

Are you looking to bring your bedroom or living room to life with an accent chair?

An accent chair is one of the best ways to give your favorite room a touch of class, a dab of cool, and everything in between. It is a simple feature to add to a room, but it can change the character of the room immediately.

If you are thinking of going the route of the accent chair, then the white accent chair variety is probably on your radar. Unsurprisingly—white is without a doubt the most versatile interior design color.

But because of its versatility, there are a lot of different things you can do with your white accent chair. This article will help you choose the perfect accent chair for your home. Let’s get into it!

What Is an Accent Chair?

An accent chair is a piece of furniture that is a major design feature of a room. Most seating is obviously functional. But an accent chair is designed to bring some particular aesthetic element on top of its functionality.

An accent chair is also a specific, individual chair. So, for example, your sofa cannot be an accent chair. It’s a standalone design feature!

Which Room Are We Thinking?

If you are looking for accent chairs, there is a good chance you have already worked out what room you are buying for. But it is probably the most important factor that goes into choosing the chair, so we need to get it sorted upfront.

The two most likely rooms you will be trying to find an accent chair for are your living room and your bedroom. So, let’s focus on those.

Living Room Accent Chairs

Living room seating usually means sofas and settees. These kinds of living room chairs are the ones that are going to get the most usage when the family is watching television or just hanging out.

But an accent chair gives you the opportunity to transform your living room from just a place where you watch television to a place where you actually spend time living. For example, you may want to give your living room the appearance that it is used for reading books or having intimate discussions.

A white accent chair is an ideal addition because its neutral color works with virtually any color scheme you might already have.

But modern accent chairs for living room settings don’t have to be all about appearances. They can be genuinely comfy while looking good.

You can see here an example of a white accent chair that adds a touch of class to a living room while also being extremely comfortable.

Bedroom Accent Chairs

Adding a white accent chair to your bedroom can transform it from just a place where you sleep to a place where you genuinely enjoy spending time. A white accent chair is perfect for the bedroom as its neutral color maintains the calmness associated with a good night’s rest.

Some bedroom accent chairs are not really designed for sitting in. However, you can find beautiful accent chairs that you will love reading in or listening to music in.


When working out how to buy furniture, you need to get your head around materials. The character of your accent chair is going to be impacted a lot by the actual material.

For example, chairs made from metal and plastic are going to give the chair a modern feel. A hard plastic white accent chair, for example, can give your living room a drop of futuristic chic.

But, on the other hand, materials like fabric, wood, and leather are going to play more into a traditionalist aesthetic.


When picking your white accent chair, you can’t just think about it in isolation. You also need to think about how it works with the other furniture in the room, as well as the other design features of the room (flooring, wall colors, etc.).

An accent chair can go one of two routes:

  • Low-key accenting
  • Bold accenting

In a low-key scenario, the white accent chair will probably completely out of sorts with the rest of the room. For example, you might use a white leather accent chair to contrast against a similarly designed set of black sofas.

On the other hand, you can offset the room entirely by choosing an accent chair with a completely different aesthetic to the rest of the room. So, your white accent chair might provide an ultra-modern edge to an otherwise sedate and traditional room, or it may add a touch of traditionalism to an otherwise modern setting.


Lastly, you need to think about what you are actually going to be using the chair for. You will find some accent chairs that are super cool and beautiful to look at. But they might be the most uncomfortable chairs in the world to sit in.

This may not be a real issue if you don’t intend to sit in the chair, or if it will only ever be used on those occasions when you have some friends over for a drink.

In any event, it’s worth asking yourself, before you make a purchase, exactly what you want out of the chair.

Make Your White Accent Chair Personal

When choosing a white accent chair to buy, it’s not a simple case of finding one chair that you’ve seen work well in a magazine or perhaps a friend’s home. You need to be thinking about what kind of accent chair is going to work for you.

This not only means finding a chair that you like. It also means finding a chair that expresses your character.

Leopard-print chairs can be the perfect match for some people. But, for others, an accent chair is better off being more reserved and suave. If you identify with the latter, a white accent chair is probably for you.

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