Clean Your Mixer Grinder the Right Way after Usage

Clean Your Mixer Grinder the Right Way after Usage

The modern era has brought numerous gadgets and tools to simplify several aspects of our lives. You can avail of multiple appliances to easily perform your house chores and mixer grinders are among them. Mixer grinders or mixers are a common appliance used in households everywhere.

A mixer can be used to perform several tasks, and there are many households where a day does not pass without using a mixer. With their popularity surging, new models of an electric mixer are emerging in the market. However, their routine usage gives rise to a common issue – properly cleaning the mixer grinder.

Finding questions like “what is the best Indian mixer grinder” or “best mixer grinder price” is a common sight. However, the web is also filled with people looking for the correct way to clean a mixer. While you do not need surgical precision to do so, there are certain steps you should follow to clean mixers.

Here is how to clean mixer grinder the right way.

Supplies Required

Here are a handful of supplies you will need:

  • A dish rag or sponge
  • Mild dish soap
  • Lemon peels or baking powder (as per your preference)

Steps to Clean a Mixer Grinder

Disassemble the grinder

First, you need to take the grinder apart. It is necessary since meat particles and fluids can go down the grinder and dry. This leads to their cementation, ultimately causing bacterial growth. So unplug the grinder, remove the jar and unscrew the base (mind the blades). Now, remove the gasket and the blade to wrap up the step.

Wash the jar

Dip the sponge/dish rag in soapy water and wash the jar. Rinse it properly and let it dry. While you can use a dishwasher for the process, manual cleaning is quicker and reduces the chances of scratches on the jar.

Wash the remaining components

Now, carefully wash the blades, gasket, and the base with soapy water. Rinse them properly and let them dry.

Run the grinder

If it has been a while since you last cleaned the grinder, then it might have particles stuck in it. To clean it properly, add baking soda/lemon extract in the water at a 1 to 1 ratio. Now, put it in the grinder and run it.

Clean the motor base

Finally, clean the motor base with a clean piece of cloth. Never dip the motor in water or a dishwasher. 

Remove stains and smell

If your mixer smells or has stains, then you need to use alcohol and vinegar. Using alcohol can eliminate any smell, while vinegar can dish out any stain.

After following these steps, reassemble the grinder and let it dry. Now your mixer is clean and ready to be used.

Tips to Keep Grinder Mixers Safe 

Here are some tips to keep your grinder safe:

  1. Ensure that your grinder is kept on an even surface.
  2. Keep the grinder away from wet surfaces.
  3. Never overload the grinder as it can damage the motor.
  4. Do not fill the grinder with extremely hot ingredients.
  5. Before running an electric mixer, make sure that it is locked properly.
  6. Do not run mixers at the max speed right off the bat. Start it slow and gradually increase the speed.


Buying a mixer online is simple nowadays with brands like Crompton offering the best Indian mixer grinders. However, keeping a mixer clean is not as easy. With delicate appliances like an electric mixer, there are some specific steps you need to follow. This blog has mentioned the top steps to clean grinder mixers, so follow them to keep your mixers clean and safe. 

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