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Answering FAQs About Air Conditioning And Heating Systems!

It’s normal for homeowners to have questions about their property’s air conditioning and heating systems, because after all, our HVAC appliances are some of the most complicated tech devices in all of our homes! 

But the great news is that there are plenty of HVAC specialists that are more than willing to answer your questions and concerns, and ultimately point you in the right direction towards properly handling these valuable appliances. 

Below are a handful of FAQs about HVAC systems, which have been answered with the help of the esteemed experts at Beehive Heating & Air: 

When should air conditioning and heating systems be serviced? 

It’s smart to get your home’s HVAC system professionally inspected during the fall and spring months each year, because this is the time of year when you’ll begin switching between heating/cooling. 

Regular maintenance appointments can go a very long way to ensure the long-term integrity of both your air conditioning and heating, which will help you make the most of these often expensive household investments! 

How often do HVAC air filters need to be replaced? 

Your system’s air filters typically need to be replaced anywhere between every 1-3 months, but this of course depends upon your unique usage. It’s important to remember just how important clean filters are when it comes to the integrity of your indoor air quality, as well as the long-term durability of your HVAC system. 

Why is indoor air quality so important? 

Indoor air quality is crucial for your household’s health and overall wellbeing. Dust, allergens, pollutants and mildew can often circulate throughout a home and eventually pose health risks to the entire household. 

So by maintaining and continuously improving your property’s indoor air quality, you can provide a vital precaution to your family. 

Do programmable thermostats provide any benefits? 

There are many benefits associated with programmable thermostats, because these tech-savvy devices help homeowners control their HVAC system’s energy output. These thermostats are growing in popularity in recent years because they help people improve their overall energy efficiency, which then subsequently helps them lower their monthly utility bills. 

How exactly do ductless heat pumps function? 

Ductless heat pumps have become very popular in recent years, partly because these systems can support both air conditioning and heating systems. Ductless heat pumps help households improve their energy efficiency by providing a zonal HVAC system that doesn’t need ducts. 

It functions via an outdoor compressor unit and indoor air handling units working together, which are connected via a refrigerant line. 

How would HVAC zoning benefit my home? 

HVAC zoning can benefit homes in all sorts of different ways, including decreasing energy bills, improving indoor comfort, and increasing energy efficiency. Because HVAC zoning helps your system work more efficiently, the system won’t have to continuously attempt to regulate a home’s overall temperature across every room. 

What are some of the attic ventilation benefits I should know about? 

Summer heat waves can pose serious threats to residential properties, particularly in attic spaces. This is due to the fact that the intense sun rays will be beating down upon your home’s roof, which can potentially lead to attic temperatures exceeding over 150 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts of the United States! 

So ensuring your attic’s overall ventilation can go a very long way towards keeping your air conditioning costs down, controlling excessive moisture buildup, and even preventing the buildup of mildew and mold. 

Reach Out To Your Local Experts When You Have Questions About Your Air Conditioning And Heating System! 

HVAC repairs are never DIY projects, so it’s important for every homeowner to understand the importance of their air conditioning and heating system’s long-term integrity. 

You can ask more questions about your home’s HVAC system to renowned experts when you go through the hyperlink at the beginning of the article to the Beehive Heating & Air website! 

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