7 Key Elements of Designing a Gothic Home

7 Key Elements of Designing a Gothic Home

Did you know that at least 40% of American homes are at least 50 years old?

Whether your home is 5 or 50 years old, you’ve likely considered renovating it at some point. A full-scale remodel might be appealing if you’re searching for a fresh look for your home.

If you’re after a more dramatic aesthetic, you may be interested in the charm of gothic homes. However, the gothic aesthetic can fall flat without key details.

We’re here to help you out. Keep reading below for tips on how to design the perfect gothic home!

Begin With the Floors

You may not think about the flooring as you go about your daily tasks, but it will be one of the first things guests notice when they visit.

The most authentic gothic homes will feature hardwood floors. As they can be quite pricey, a wood-like linoleum floor is a cheaper alternative.

Don’t forget to prepare your floors for winter! Adding a few decorative rugs will help add to the drama of a room and keep you warm simultaneously. The best rugs will have a detailed pattern, ideally in rich shades like burgundy or violet.

Decorating the Walls in Your Gothic Home

The way you approach the walls can determine whether or not your home has an authentic gothic feel. Of course, like all gothic styling, there has to be a bit of flair and drama when designing your walls.

A trademark of gothic homes is wallpaper. While you don’t have to wallpaper every room, it’s essential for at least some of the spaces in your house. The ideal wallpaper will have an ornate pattern, often either geometrical or floral-inspired.

Wallpaper can be tedious to apply, so don’t completely rule out paint. If you opt for solid colored walls, go for darker shades. Colors like black and gray are a great choice for those who prefer neutral shades. For those searching for a pop of color, purple and sage jewel tones can add more life while remaining gothic.

If you want to go all out, you can even invest in carved walls. They can be quite time consuming to create, but they’ll give off the ultimate regal gothic vibes.

If you’re looking for unique walling for your bathroom, consider tiling. It’s a great way to differentiate the space from the rest of your house without losing that gothic charm.

Mimicking the Arch

If you want an authentic gothic home, arched lancet windows are a must. These vertical windows are a trademark of the gothic style. However, it can be pricey to install new windows in an existing home.

Luckily, there are alternatives if you can’t strip out your windows and replace them. Using gothic window frames and stained glass windows as art and wall hangings can help to add to the gothic charm. Arched mirrors with intricately molded frames are another way you can create a faux gothic aesthetic.

Don’t Forget the Bedroom

Homeowners sometimes neglect to tie their overarching style into their bedroom. However, goth bedrooms can be one of the most exciting rooms in your home with a little effort.

Your bed should naturally be the main focus of your bedroom. Make it as lavish as possible with an overabundance of layered bedding and throw pillows.

A decorative set is ideal. Take a cue from wallpaper designs and seek out something intricate. Dark floral prints are an easy way to create an inviting space while retaining the gothic aesthetic.

Another key element to highlight in your bedroom is your dresser. A wide vanity screams gothic and allows you to pair both dresser space with a dramatic mirror. If a vanity is out of the question, opt for wooden pieces with dark, rich stains.

Detail With Gothic Molding

Is there anything more Victorian and gothic than intricate molding? Molding makes for the perfect ceiling trim. In fact, you can actually use molding to cover the entire ceiling or wall, though this may be a bit much for more minimalistic homeowners.

Whether you opt for ceiling medallions or entryway trim, molding is a fairly easy detail to add to your home. In fact, many molding projects can be done on your own! It’s a relatively cheap way to create a Victorian-era look without too much hassle.

Light the Way

It’s time to ditch the LED lights that adorn your rooms. Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of a home, and bright LED lights will completely strip the gothic charm from your home.

Don’t be afraid to go overboard with a few chandeliers. They don’t have to be huge to add drama to your home. A chandelier in your entryway, dining room, or living room will help create moody lighting.

To add to the Victorian styling of gothic homes, don’t forget to add in a few candles. Candlesticks, especially those that can be installed on walls, will take your home back a few centuries.

Emphasize the Dining Room

The dining room is one of the best rooms to let your creativity run wild.

Dining sets are available in a variety of extremely detailed and ornate styles, which make them perfect for gothic homes. Whether you go for lush upholstered chairs or intricately carved wooden backs, the chairs alone can bring extreme gothic charm to your dining room.

You also have the opportunity to showcase your gothic dishware in your dining room. The most authentic way to do this is through the use of a china cabinet. Ideally, the finish on your china cabinet will match that of your dining set.

Start Designing Your Dream Home

Gothic homes are a rarity these days, but they are perfect for homeowners looking for a more luxurious and dramatically styled home. With hard work and tips from the guide above, you’ll have no trouble designing your very own gothic home!

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