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5 Innovative Tips for Using Acrylic Furniture to Modernize a Room

Acrylic furniture occupies a unique space in interior design, equally suited to retro’s seventies style and contemporary interiors.

While it creates the same impact as glass for many applications, acrylic has a few benefits over glass. It transmits more light than glass but it’s not as heavy.

Recent innovations mean that you can recycle acrylic, making it a more eco-friendly choice than it was in the past.

So, now you can redecorate your home with a clear conscience using furniture made from this versatile and attractive resource.

Why Choose Acrylic Furniture?

Creating harmony and balance in a room is all about visual weight i.e. how heavy objects appear in relation to one another. Often necessary functional pieces can disrupt this equilibrium.

Due to their transparent nature, acrylic pieces add very little visual weight to your design, making them ideal as functional pieces in a room that already has good balance.

Transparent acrylic pieces work perfectly in small spaces since they don’t add any visual clutter to the design.

Since it’s a type of plastic, there’s no limit to the type of furniture that designers can craft from acrylic. It’s all possible, from antique shapes, though natural materials, to replicas of modern street art.

Acrylics are exceptionally durable and resistant to scratches and stains, so you can have wood-look furniture without having to worry about using a coaster every time you have a drink.

These are some of the ways you can introduce colored or clear acrylic furniture into your interior design.

1. Lighten Up a Traditional Room With Acrylic Furniture

Simple transparent acrylic furniture might seem like the last thing that belongs among classic furniture, but it forms the perfect contrast to these dark, heavy pieces.

Adding a few square-shaped or rectangular translucent acrylic tables or footstools helps counterbalance heavier pieces of furniture. They also create a focal point and add functional aspects without crowding the room more.

Your lovely embroidered carpet or other high-quality floor coverings needn’t stay hidden beneath necessary pieces like tables. Their lovely patterns are still visible through the acrylic pieces, which also unifies the design and ties the room together.

Acrylic furniture the perfect way to add modern touches to a classic room without spoiling the original atmosphere.

2. Modernize Your Dining Room With Acrylics

In a dining room, acrylic furniture works best when it’s combined with more usual pieces. These are some of the combinations you can try using lucite furnishings:

  • Clear chairs with a light-colored wooden dining table
  • Leather chairs with an acrylic tabletop
  • Colored acrylic chair paired with a pale tabletop
  • Dining chairs with acrylic legs and fabric upholstery
  • A rectangular clear acrylic table with curvy wooden chairs
  • Acrylic dining sets among marble finishes and

Some of the latest innovations in acrylic furniture involve creating replicas of antique dining room chairs from colored acrylic,

You can also use quaint acrylic dining sets in rooms featuring abundant marble accents to tone down this old-fashioned finish and modernize the look of your living room.

3. Acrylic Accent Pieces

You can inject an instant contemporary feel into your dated spaces using acrylic elements. Clear acrylic furnishings inject a playful yet chic element into any room.

Clear shelves are an interesting focal point that won’t make the room feel like the walls are closing in.

Modern lamps with futuristic acrylic designs shed functional or accent light without overpowering the room, and a sculpture or two in acrylic make for interesting an illusive focal points

Acrylic accent pieces suit any kind of home from a bright and breezy California beach house, to the most cramped Manhattan apartment.

4. Transparent Pieces to Instantly Expand a Small Room

Matchy-matchy is a design style that truly belongs a few decades back. Rooms with furniture that’s all the same design and color look like life’s sucked out of them.

Relocating some of those outdated matched pieces and replacing them with modern furniture in acrylic will breathe instant personality into your space.

Get rid of your bulky wooden TV unit and install a sleek, lightweight acrylic TV console in its place. Chairs and sofas with clear plastic legs instantly reveal more floor space and make your room look bigger.

Can’t think due to all the clutter? Get rid of that old wooden workstation and substitute it with a transparent desk and chair. One or two acrylic pieces inject an instant aura of space and order into old-fashioned, cramped spaces.

5. Other Acrylic Innovations

The trick with acrylic is to keep it understated. A room full of clear acrylic pieces will just look weird. There are plenty of cute acrylic pieces to choose from if you want to bring life and light into any room.

These are some of the best ones:

  • An acrylic stool that doubles as a side table or footrest
  • Transparent nesting tables
  • Magazine racks that show off the colors and sheen of their contents
  • Translucent boxes for coffee table books
  • Tray tables made from clear plexiglass
  • Vases that reveal colored stones beneath your arrangement
  • Floating shelves that appear to truly float
  • Clear bookshelves that don’t block natural light
  • Desks and chairs for a truly modern home office

One of the most attractive modern options is clear acrylic chairs suited to kitchen nooks or outdoor dining.

Leave Limitations Behind With Acrylics

The infinite options made possible by acrylic furniture designs are sure to signify the start of exciting new trends in interior design.

If you want to stay up to date with all the latest home refurbishment tips and tricks, keep browsing through our blog. We’ve got all the best information to help you create your dream home right where you are.

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