4 DIY Home Improvement Ideas for When You’re Gearing up to Sell In Queens

4 DIY Home Improvement Ideas for When You’re Gearing up to Sell In Queens

If you haven’t been paying much attention to the housing market in the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a huge rise in home prices across the nation. Even now, sellers can expect to win big in the market, but this doesn’t mean they should completely relax.

The best real estate agents attest to the importance of making home renovations or improvements prior to selling… even if you only have the budget or time for major updates. 

If you’re selling in the Queens area, this means you’re probably not working with the high square footage or outdoor space as others, but there are still plenty of improvements that can be made to smaller spaces. Keep reading for some of the best ideas to improve your property in order to sell quickly and profitably in Queens!

Add a double-sink bathroom vanity

Whether you’re selling a small New York apartment or you’ve got some space to get creative, potential buyers want luxury when it comes to the bathroom. Especially since the start of the pandemic, people need a bathroom that can handle busy weekday mornings at home. 

A double-sink vanity offers plenty of personal space in the bathroom when things start feeling a little too close for comfort. In fact, top real estate agents have ranked it the number one most desired bathroom upgrade in today’s market. In fact, giving buyers the organizational space a double vanity provides may be essential when it comes to selling smaller properties. 

Make your mudroom bigger and more functional

Not everyone has the space to devote an entire room or closet as a mud room, and that’s perfectly fine. A mudroom or foyer is the perfect place to shed layers, drop the day’s gear, and strap on your winter boots, but that doesn’t mean the same can’t be achieved in a cramped space. 

If you’ve got the room for a full-fledged mud room, top amenities include a laundry room, charging station, shelving or specified storage, and waterproof floor tiles in order to prevent damage after trekking in snow on those colder New York days. If you don’t have the space for this sort of high-tech mud room, try adding a bench, hooks and built-in cubbies to your entryway. This creates a natural stopping point without wasting important space in your home. 

Build or convert a home office

Thanks to the pandemic, more and more workers are conducting their business without leaving home. Naturally, as remote work increases, so does the desire for a home office. 

In today’s market, a home office could give you an edge over the other competition. While buyers want larger spaces for their offices, you’ll still get plenty of buyer interest having any sort of area designated as a home office. 

Try converting an extra bedroom or closet into an office. If you don’t have the space, try optimizing a corner of your home that’s not being used to its fullest potential. All you’ll need is a desk and shelving for office supplies, and your real estate agent should be able to market the space to appeal to buyers looking for that amenity. 

When in doubt, deep clean and declutter

Though two of the most important tasks to undertake before selling, many homeowners underestimate the return on investment tied to deep cleaning and decluttering. Homeowners are seeking spacious properties, and, while you might not have the budget to actually add square footage to your home, these tasks can make even crumpled apartments feel large and roomy.

As a rule of thumb, anything without sentimental value that hasn’t been used in the last year needs to go. If you can’t walk through your home without tripping over an ottoman or decorative chairs, you’ll need to find a place to store these items as you sell your home. Remember, in order to sell your home in today’s market for the best price, presenting a clean and decluttered property is absolutely imperative. 

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