Why Is My Furnace So Loud?: How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace

Why Is My Furnace So Loud?: How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace

It’s oh so quiet. All through the house, not a creature is stirring. Then your furnace begins to roar.

A noisy furnace is one of the most common problems that a homeowner faces. It is also one of the scariest. Many people think their house is going to explode.

But a noisy furnace is one of the easiest problems to identify and fix. Here is a quick guide on how to quiet a noisy furnace.

Figure Out Your Furnace

Before you can fix your furnace, you need to figure out how it works. You set a temperature you want the furnace to activate at on your thermostat. The thermostat sends a signal to start your furnace when that temperature is reached.

A gas valve opens and lights burners. The flames in the burners heat a heat exchanger, which transfers heat into the air.

A blower motor and fan then move the heat into ducts. The ducts carry the heat throughout your home. Once your house has warmed up, the furnace deactivates.

Anyone of these parts can cause noise. A problem with one part may suggest a problem with another part. Find out some more information about your furnace parts before making any repairs.

Distinguish Amongst Noises

Your furnace can make all sorts of noises. The noises they make determine what is wrong with it.

If you hear a scraping noise, a wheel may have broken in your blower motor. A thumping noise may also indicate a broken blower motor wheel.

If you hear a humming noise, your transformer may be broken. Your transformer supplies power to the furnace. Your fan may also create a humming noise.

If you hear a squealing noise, your fan and belts are dry. They need oil to continue turning.

Several things can cause a banging noise. If you hear constant banging, a panel or vent may be loose. A loud bang that occurs as the furnace starts up may come from gas building up in your valve.

A loose panel can also cause a rattling noise. Loud noise can cover up a quieter noise. Walk along your furnace system to hear all the noises it makes.

How to Quiet a Noisy Furnace

Some repairs require a heating and air professional to fix them. A broken blower motor wheel or transformer requires a professional. If you have any concerns about your furnace, contact a professional with your concerns.

You can lubricate your fan and belts yourself. Open your access panel, then remove your motor housing. Add oil wherever oil is stored in the motor.

Screw your panels and vents into place. Reinforce the vents with weather sealing. This secures vents where they are installed and reduces air leakages.

Replace your air filters regularly. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions, as each filter varies.

Vacuum your vents and furnace floor regularly. Clean out any dust or pet hair, like tufts of hair can get caught in vents.

Improve Your Home in No Time

A noisy furnace is an obnoxious furnace. But you can quiet a noisy furnace in no time.

Understand how your furnace works. Many parts can break at any time.

Distinguish amongst the different noises that a furnace makes. Identify the problems, so you know when to call a repair professional. Fix a loose panel or clogged filter yourself.

You can fix your noisy furnace and improve your home in no time. Find more creative home improvement tips on our website.

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