Why Ipe Hardwood Decking Is the Best Choice for Your Porch

Why Ipe Hardwood Decking Is the Best Choice for Your Porch

Ipe hardwood is a beautiful investment for outdoor decks and porches. It resists decay better and longer than other woods – up to 50 years. It’s harder than California Redwood and has a deep, rich color that beautifies your home.

If you’re planning a new deck or porch project, read on for the reasons you should choose Ipe hardwood decking.

Brazilian Ipe Hardwood Decking Is Natural

Composite decking products contain a mixture of plastic and wood pulp, but Ipe wood is 100% natural hardwood. It’s not pressure-treated or reclaimed lumber that’s filled with chemicals. If you’re concerned about preserving your home’s beauty and the environment, Ipe is a natural choice.

Unmatched Durability

Ipe is used in many outdoor applications like boardwalks and beach access areas because it can withstand the elements and heavy foot traffic. Ipe is one of the hardest hardwoods available. That makes it stable, naturally weatherproof, and resistant to dings, cracks, and marks.

Hardwood Ipe Decking is considered the gold standard for outdoor decks, patios, and porches. Nothing comes close to its strength and longevity.

A True Flooring Value

There is a misconception that the Brazilian hardwood Ipe is exceedingly expensive when compared to other decking options. This is not the case. In fact, it’s a great overall value.

While the initial cost of materials may be higher than low-end composites or standard-grade pressure-treated lumber, the total cost of ownership is much lower. Regular wood and composites rot, break down, and have to be replaced every five to ten years. Ipe wood lasts for decades without the need for repair or replacement.

Ipe is the long-term winner when it comes to cost.

Resistant to Insects

Other than the sun’s UV rays, one of the chief enemies of wood decking is insects. That’s not the case with Ipe wood. This tropical hardwood is just too dense for most insects to bore into. Wood beetles and termites have met their match with this wood.

Flexible Finishing Options

Many people prefer the natural curing of Ipe wood as it transitions to a grey/silver hue over time. However, you can also opt for an Ipe oil hardwood deck finish to preserve its natural color.

An Ipe oil can also be applied to a deck that has already turned gray. This makes Ipe hardwood decking a flexible option as your needs and taste change over time.

An Easy Hardwood Choice

For millions of people, Ipe hardwood decking is the only choice for a great-looking deck or patio that lasts for decades. It’s harder than most lumber choices, naturally produced without chemicals or additives, and it withstands the toughest environmental and situational conditions.

The cost of Ipe wood is lower than other wood options over time. It’s low maintenance, high style, and can help add resale value to your home.

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