Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Cross-Country Relocations

Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Cross-Country Relocations

A cross-country relocation is a grand adventure. It offers new opportunities and fresh beginnings for your family. Unfortunately, the prospects of a cross-country move can be stressful, complex and filled with challenges. But if you embrace suitable secrets, you can turn the daunting challenge into a remarkable experience.

Here are the secrets to a successful cross-country move 

  1. Hire a moving company 

Most people enlist professional help from leading movers like McLaughlin Transportation, due to the associated benefits. Expert movers have the proper knowledge to transport all your belongings to your new home safely. You’ll have access to quality trucks and other essential supplies for a cross-country move. Also, they can help you pack, load and unload, saving time and energy. 

  1. Start planning early 

Planning is an ideal way to achieve a successful cross-country relocation. It helps you stay organized and ready for your move. 

The following are the essential factors you’ll need to consider:

  • Distance: Research the distance to your new location to help you choose the appropriate transportation option. 
  • Finances: Have a plan that estimates the cost of every task or service. Doing this will help you stay within budget and prepare for unexpected expenses.
  • Timelines: Creating a timeline will help you stay on schedule without a last-minute rush. So, ensure you have a timeline that contains an appropriate timeframe to complete the specific moving tasks. 
  1. Choose an appropriate moving season 

A cross-country move can be expensive during peak seasons such as holidays. That’s because the demand for the moving companies is high during these seasons. Also, it would help if you considered the climate when choosing the best season.

  1. Declutter 

A long-distance moving truck has a weight limit for cargo during transit. Also, the moving company will charge you depending on the size of your belongings. Decluttering will help you reduce the costs and packing and unpacking efforts. Therefore, sell or gift your friends the items you no longer use. 

  1. Keep an inventory 

Keeping an inventory list helps you account for belongings. You can maintain a list or have photos and videos of furniture and other valuables. You’ll use this list to verify the condition of your belongings after the move. You’ll notify your moving company and receive compensation if an item is lost or damaged.

  1. Gather all legal documents 

You’ll need several legal documents before your cross-country move. The records will enhance your transition and compliance with the regulations. Some documents include a moving permit, bill of landing, Pet health certificate, etc. 

  1. Get your pets ready 

Preparing your pet for the cross-country move is essential. You’ll need to have everything with you in the car. Depending on your relocation timeframe, you may need to stay at a pet-friendly hotel or arrange for a host family to care for them. Also, examine the regulations for crossing state lines with a pet and ensure compliance.

  1. Research your new location 

Before moving, familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood—research the schools, healthcare, public transport and other amenities. The information will help you make a smooth transition and adapt.


A cross-country move is a huge undertaking. Many people get frustrated and end up regretting relocations. But that shouldn’t be the case! The above secrets will help you achieve an enjoyable and successful cross-country move.

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