Modern Style Fitted Wardrobes

The Design Styles Typically Used for Fitted Wardrobes


Fitted wardrobes are a brilliant solution for making the most of available space in a room. The great thing about fitted wardrobes is that they can be customised to your taste and the style of your home. They can be designed in a variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary, to fit the aesthetics of any room seamlessly. This article delves into the typical design styles used for fitted wardrobes and how they enhance the overall appeal of your home.

Traditional Style Fitted Wardrobes

Traditional-style fitted wardrobes are known for their elegant and timeless appeal. They usually feature classic design elements such as mouldings, raised panel doors, and often a hand-painted finish. These wardrobes add a touch of classic charm and sophistication to any bedroom, fitting perfectly with homes that have a more traditional or classic interior decor.

The traditional style also offers a variety of sub-styles. For instance, the Shaker style is a popular choice with its simple, unadorned doors that offer a clean, minimalist look. Alternatively, Victorian style fitted wardrobes often feature ornate detailing and a more robust design, offering a richer and more luxurious appeal.

Modern Style Fitted Wardrobes

Modern-style fitted wardrobes lean towards minimalistic and streamlined designs. They typically feature flat doors, often with a high gloss or matt finish, and simple, clean lines. Modern designs often incorporate innovative storage solutions, such as hidden drawers or adjustable shelving, optimising the utilisation of space.

These wardrobes can add a contemporary and sleek feel to a room, matching well with modern, minimalist, or industrial decor. Popular sub-styles within the modern category include the handleless design for a seamless look, and the sliding door design, which is an excellent choice for smaller rooms as it eliminates the need for outward-opening doors.

Rustic Style Fitted Wardrobes

Rustic-style fitted wardrobes bring a warm, inviting charm to your room. They are characterised by the use of natural materials like solid wood, with visible grains and knots. The finishes are typically matte or distressed, with hardware usually made from wrought iron or antiqued brass.

Rustic wardrobes work well in country, farmhouse, or boho styled homes. They bring an element of nature indoors and add texture and depth to a room. The French country style, with its carved detailing and soft, muted colours, is a popular choice within this category.

Mid-Century Modern Style Fitted Wardrobes

Mid-century modern fitted wardrobes combine the best of traditional and modern styles. Known for their minimal lines, gentle organic curves, and a mix of different materials, these wardrobes are a tribute to the designs from the mid-20th century.

These wardrobes are ideal for those looking for a blend of vintage charm and modern simplicity in their interiors. They feature practical designs with a focus on function and form. The Scandinavian style, with its ethos of simplicity, functionality, and beauty, is a well-liked sub-style within this category.

Bespoke Style Fitted Wardrobes

Bespoke fitted wardrobes are the epitome of personalisation. They offer the chance to create a unique piece of furniture that reflects your personality and meets your specific needs. Bespoke designs can blend different elements from various styles, or invent new styles altogether. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

With a bespoke wardrobe, every detail can be customised, from the choice of materials and colours to the design of the doors, interior layout, and type of handles. It offers a truly one-of-a-kind solution to your storage needs while also enhancing the aesthetics of your room.


The design styles used for fitted wardrobes are as diverse as the homes they inhabit. Whether you prefer the classic charm of traditional styles, the sleek simplicity of modern designs, the cosy appeal of rustic wardrobes, the vintage allure of mid-century modern designs, or the uniqueness of bespoke wardrobes, there is something for everyone. By choosing a design style that complements your home’s aesthetic, a fitted wardrobe can enhance your decor while providing a functional storage solution. Remember, the best fitted wardrobe is one that reflects your personal style and meets your individual needs.

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