Simplest in-Home Arrangements for a Special Event

We all know about the toughest challenges which the terrible hold of none other than the novel Coronavirus has posed on this planet Earth. We received every sort of bad tiding one after another. Almost every time, we found the media, overloaded with loads of unusual steps and decisions in the wake of the ongoing Corona crises.

No God fearer had ever thought even in dreams, that a tiniest unseen monster like virus can even stop our feet from stepping into our praying places such as mosques, churches and temples. Every sort of festival and festivities were observed. The events came, but we received them with heavy heart.  No Easter, Ramadan or Eid celebrations were celebrated in the true colors.

Millions of devotees among us, who were planning for their Umrah in Easter Holidays or Ramadan days, were deeply saddened on not fulfilling their spiritual dream.

We are also receiving this Eid ul Adha in the same pandemic surrounding. However, the things are becoming pretty much better.  Killer Corona is loosening its terrible grip and the life is coming to new normal. But due to the still going fears of Corona infections, the circumstances are demanding us to celebrate this second sacrificial Eid in home with all the health safety measures.

Perform ghussal, offer Eid prayers with standard operating measures and go for sacrifice in the name of Allah (SWT).  Spend most of your time in home with loving families.

4 Easiest Ways to Celebrate Eid ul Adha at Home

Amidst these challenging times, if you spend this Eid like the previous one, you would save yourself and your fellows from any viral harm. To make your Eid ul Adha enjoyable and perky, here the 3 simplest home -based ideas that you can use in this special Eid ul Adha of 2020

Clean and Decorate your Home

It will be a differently exciting experience to decorate your house on your special eve.  The house cleaning and mopping are the everyday part of our routine. But this Eid avail of a chance to decorate your house. You can use lights, colorful charts and banners for this purpose.

Cook on this Eid

Eid ul Adha is a meaty Eid of foods and flavors.  So why not try hands in cooking something simple and meaty?  This Eid instead of just sitting idle or getting bored, help out your spouse in kitchen or cook some dish on this special occasion. It will be a great fun for sure.

Get a Virtual Meet up with pals and fellows

You may be missing your tight hugs with your loved ones especially amidst these difficult times. So just like your previous Eid ul Fitar, arrange a virtual meeting with your lovely friends who couldn’t come to see you amidst these challenging times.

However, you can plan to see your same vicinity friends on this upcoming divine event with proper social distancing measures and convey your best wishes by avoiding the physical contact.

Arrange a BBQ party at Home

Eid ul Adha is also recognized with the post sacrifice get together for the BBQ parties. This time get to go for a BBQ party with your loved ones. You can also call for a virtual meet up with your friends and pals and show them your in-home BBQ arrangement.

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