Roof Maintenance and Roof Repair tips for Local Homeowners

As a homeowner, your first and foremost concern should be the condition and maintenance of the roof of your house. Be it asphalt, metal, slate or wood-shingled, each kind of roofing demands a set of special provisions to be undertaken to ensure the life-long sturdiness of your home and hearth. Follow these crucial roof maintenance and roofing tips to avoid expensive yearly repairs and replacements for your roof shingles. 

Clearing debris, leaves, and tree twigs from the surface of the roof; trimming overhanging tree branches that come in contact with your roof and ensuring that the downpipes aren’t clogged are some of the most basic methods of roof maintenance. This must be taken into consideration irrespective of the type of shingles used. 

Asphalt Roof shingle maintenance tips:

Over time, some repulsive stains might appear on asphalt roof shingles and must be removed immediately. While removing such stains, it is recommended to avoid using a pressure washer as it may loosen the roof shingles and also have an adverse effect on the surface granules. Organic growth on your roof can be eliminated quite easily with bleach but its residue might run off and flow into your garden and landscape. This must be kept in mind to avoid gutters and metal flashings being corroded due to the harsh chemicals. 

Metal Roof shingle maintenance tips: 

Make sure that no other type of metal is coming in contact with your metal roof. There is a high chance of galvanic corrosion to take place if two or more kinds of dissimilar metals get introduced to an electrolyte (water). Metal roofs might chalk or fade at any point and it is crucial for you to attempt immediate repair so as to avoid any further damage. Structural maintenance of these roofs must be done by a professional, at least once in every two years. 

Slate Roof shingle maintenance tips: 

Avoid walking on your slate roof while doing any form of roof maintenance. Slate shingles are thin and tend to break if the surface weight is too great. Regularly check the flashing around your roof as it might need to be replaced much more quickly than the roof shingles. Always check the interior layers of the roof from the attic. If you spot splits in the mortar joints, replace it right away. If the tiles appear to be powdery, then it needs to be changed immediately. 

Wood Roof shingle maintenance tips:

Growth of mold and moss can be avoided by adding strips of zinc or copper at the ridge and also midway across your roof. If incase lichen and moss begin to grow, you can scrape it away with a mixture of household bleach, warm water, and detergent. Wood is most likely to decay after a certain point in time and thus the usage of roof preservatives, either oil-borne or semi-transparent oil-based is recommended as a preventive measure. Shingles that dry out can cause splitting and cupping and to avoid this you must wash and treat the entire roof. 

The roof is one of the predominant parts of your house. It is bound to be a major investment and requires regular inspection and maintenance. Thus, to ensure a prolonged and comfortable stay at the house of your dreams, tend to the roof as best as you can. 

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