Role Of A Real Estate Agent

Role Of A Real Estate Agent

Buying and selling property is obviously a big deal. Hiring a real estate agent for the entire buying and selling process will be a wise decision. They are like a representative who takes part in administrative work, negotiation, finalizing a transaction, or other paperwork to provide the best assistance to their clients. They meet several new people, explore new locations and respond to the changing needs of the market and clients. 

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Each day of real estate agents is demanding for which they are needed to actively engage in their job entails. Before you hire a real estate agent, you must ensure that they possess a valid real estate license. The license is given to the agents who fulfill the state’s licensing criteria, which may vary depending on the state. There is no national real estate license available. 

Administrative Work Done By Agents

Generally, people use different terms for the agents, which include realtors or brokers, but the meaning of these terms differs. Their main functions include spending time in the office, meeting new clients, exploring houses, and scheduling inspections.

There are several responsibilities fulfilled by the real estate agents, out of which administrative duties are most important. Even most agents at Prologis accomplish administrative tasks. Following are the administrative work that is accomplished effectively by the real estate agent.

  1. Give appropriate response

The agents need to respond to texts, emails, and phone calls. They are supposed to respond to every action by the clients, buyer, or seller party as soon as possible. They have to respond professionally as well.

  1. Process the real estate documents or contracts

The agent is responsible for drafting and delivering documents. Documents related to foreclosure, license, leases, estoppels are looked after by the agents. An official paper trail having the record of sales or change in ownership is crucial to verify the history of the property.

  1. Setting appointments and meetings

Another responsibility of agents includes coordinating the meetings, appointments, and showing up of houses. Agents provide appropriate details and information to the clients related to the property.

  1. Creating budget

Agents prepare the budget for monthly, quarterly, and annual operations. They create personal and business budgets separately. They keep some funds in reserve for future emergencies and spend around 10% on personal marketing.

These are some main administrative tasks done by the real estate agent. Some other administrative tasks include the creation and distribution of listing or newsletters, Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports, updating clients’ databases, and market research.


A licensed real estate professional makes the buying and selling procedure quite simpler. Apart from administrative responsibilities, there are several other responsibilities as well related to marketing and research, which are fulfilled by the real estate agents.

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