Modern Vases: Shades of Modern Glass Vases

Ever thought about how placing a beautiful vase can light up the dull corners of your home? Try checking our Modern Vases at YourMurano where the secular glassmaking tradition from the Isle of Murano, Venice, embodies one-of-a-kind art pieces. The Glassmakers Artisans take as inspiration what surrounds them, such as the romantic lagoon scenery of the unique colors of the architecture, and create completely handmade glass pieces. 

New lines and tones are the focus of our Modern Vases that detach from the more classic ones. But why create such modern vases? At YourMurano we want to be the perfect match for every type of request. Whether you like more colored pieces or more elegant ones we want to be sure you can fulfill every one of your desires. Here is why our Glassmaking Artisans thought about taking to the further step their long-lasting heritage and shaping newer futuristic creations. Combining Murano’s authentic glass blowing technique and younger design ideas nothing is impossible. From multicolored vases to even black ones, what is really outstanding is their unique shapes and lines. Working directly inside Venice’s panorama, Murano’s Glassmaking Artisans manufacture special items looking after the city’s flora and fauna, from distinctively shaped vases that resemble the City of Water to more traditionally based ones in which contemporary colors and structure become protagonists.

Being the perfect combination of light and color, the unique transparency effect of color drops penetrating clear glass is able to give a truly wonderful sensation. Choose the color you prefer and take a look at our Murano Glass Vases. Blue, amber, gold, silver, ruby, bring to life a unique interior design style that will make your room shine and add a touch of eccentricity and luxury to the space you like the most, whether it be your living room, your favorite coffee table or console. Sometimes it’s best to keep your home simple but a little eccentricity never hurt anybody. It is fun and playful. It conveys your style and taste as symbols of luxury and status. Mainly used as a place to display your beautiful flowers, Murano glass vases are here to make a bold statement so that you can use them also as stand-alone. So then, try changing the atmosphere of your home by giving it a modern vibe, fully Venetian Style.

Let yourself be inspired and challenge your inner creativity by diving into our Modern Vases collection. Accent your home décor or even think about them as a gifting option, maybe to surprise your dear one.

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