How To Design a Beautiful Wardrobe

The home furniture is very important in everyone’s daily life, especially for people who are decorating a new house. although people’s hearing and other abilities have declined, they are also very afraid of noise, especially the sudden sound. Therefore, in the selection of elderly wardrobe material, special attention should be paid to the selection of some good sound insulation materials for production. In addition, the sound insulation cotton can also be placed in the keel of the wardrobe to enhance its sound insulation ability.

Wide Color Choice

Old people and young people have different preferences. Maybe young people prefer some colorful and fashionable wardrobe, while old people only need a comfortable and quiet space. When designing the wardrobe for the elderly, try to choose some more elegant and simple colors for your home furniture. In the style, the elderly will pay more attention to the practicality of the wardrobe, and the appearance looks simple and generous. In addition to the above, we should also see that the eyesight of the elderly is not good. When designing, it is best to make a small inductive lamp in the closet. The light does not need to be too bright. It is OK to see things clearly.

Function Design For Eleders

Because of the inconvenient movement of the elderly, it is not suitable to design the cabinet too high. In addition to the large clothes are hanging, the clothes of the elderly are usually stacked. In the design, more drawers and partitions should be designed. The drawers should not be designed on the first floor but should be placed in the middle of the wardrobe, which is conducive to the elderly to take and put items.

Wardrobe design for young couples:

When the owners are young couples, the design of the wardrobe is diversified. Usually, we set the left and right sides as the storage space for two people. Because of the small size of the clothes rack, we can easily store the clothes in the small shelves (such as underwear and tie), which can be stored on the small shelves, so that the clothes can be stored on the small shelves; As for sweaters, we can put them in deep drawers (clothes we don’t wear very often); at last, we can store our trousers in a special rack.

Children’s wardrobe design:

For children’s wardrobe design, the most important thing is to consider the factors of children’s rapid growth, so the design should take into account the changes between 5-10 years, and the appropriate proportion of stacking area and hanging area is particularly important. Children’s wardrobe is usually multi-functional, such as toys, books, clothing and other supplies can be placed at the same time, to achieve the effect of multi-purpose; in the design of children’s height factor, easy to take children’s commonly used items, it should be noted that in the height of children’s head, it is not necessary to design drawers and other accessories that can be pulled out to put in collision.

Modern Wardrobe Design

There are a lot of clothes display that the elderly need to fold, but there are few hanging pieces. For the design of the wardrobe for the elderly, we need to consider the physical condition of the elderly and arrange the drawers in a relatively central position. Moreover, because the elderly need to fold more clothes, we can hang clothes and put folded clothes in the same proportion.

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