How do the nematodes help in pest control? 

How do the nematodes help in pest control?

A health ministry asked by environment minister on suggestions of some health risks that are related to usage of nematodes and helps to control pests. Usually, the pests affect the economic viability of your provincial production. 

For the development, you should control pests by using the Nematodes pest control from Green Gardener. Read this Post to know about nematodes. 

What are nematodes

Nematodes are unsegmented roundworms in microscopic size. There are many subspecies, with a range from 1 to 20 million. Different nematodes inhabit every environment on earth, ranging from swamps and deserts to ocean floors. 

Some nematodes feed on plants and bacteria, and others can be insect parasites or animal parasites. Nematodes are used to control pests. Such nematodes are of a different species than human parasites. They are known as insect pathogenic, biological control nematodes.

Different types of nematodes kill insects. 

There are different types of nematodes available commercially, steinernema carpocapsae, steinernema riobrave, steinernema feltiae, heterorhabditis megidis, heterorhabditis marelatus, heterorhabditis bacteriophora are commonly used to control pests in crops, like a garden, home lawns, etc. 

  • Many species of soil-dwelling pests, mainly belonging to Coleoptera and Lepidoptera, are commonly known as pests. For this, the steinernema carpocapsae and steinernema glaseri are used to control pests 
  • On the other hand, the steinernema carpocapsae and heterorhabditis bacteriophora are used to control the black vine weevil populations. 

How do the nematodes control pests 

Nematodes have different strategies for finding insect hosts. Heterorhabditis bacteriophora uses the best strategy to find pest host, and other type of nematodes, named as steinernema carpocapsae are sit and then host insects. 

Nematodes depend on temperature cues, chemical cues, vibration, or touch to find insect hosts. Once they find a pest or insect host, they enter into it and kill it. Here are some stages in which nematodes are passed and control pests 

  • In the third stage, infected juveniles in soil enter insects through natural openings like the anus, mouth, and breathing holes.
  • Nematodes enter the insect body cavity and release bacteria. Toxins that are produced by bacteria kill insects on some days. 
  • Nematodes start a feed on insect hosts and develop into adults
  • It reproduces and generates the offspring
  • It leaves dead pests and finds the new host

Under some optimal conditions, the nematode pest stages must be present 5-7 days after application. Pests or insects killed by nematodes become tan or brown, and sometimes red also. Remember that the killed pests are not visible. 

How do the nematodes are applied?

In gardens and fields, the nematodes are sprayed using standard agrochemical equipment. It is sensitive to sunlight, high-pressure systems, and temperature, so you should apply the nematodes in earning morning or in the evening. Moreover, Post and pre-irrigation are suggested to wash the nematodes or moisten the soil. 


Nematodes first find the pest host and then kill it. With the above stages procedure, the nematodes help to control pests.

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