How Can the Right Lighting Transform Your Home?

How Can the Right Lighting Transform Your Home?

Good lighting is more than just a bulb that brightens up a dull corner. Lighting is function, aesthetic, atmosphere, and mood altering. If you home bodes the wrong lighting, you can feel lacking in energy, drive, and motivation. We have created the perfect blog for you to establish beautiful lighting in your home, that will positively uplift you and create a harmonious home environment for you and the family.


Asses the use of your lighting, is it a home library or office, or is the lighting for your bedroom, a space to wind down and enjoy some relaxation. Once you’ve established the use, you can explore the different functions. Ensure you choose something both practical and beautiful. For example, if you’re looking for bedside lighting, you could look at a singular drop pendant either side of the bed head controlled by separate switches, this way you have the perfect reading light and beautiful interior.


If you’re kitting out a snug area of your home, you should look to introduce some aesthetic lighting. The perfect lighting here would be something low level, calming, but not too dark that you must strain your eyes to see. Ideal lighting here would be one or two low level table lamps, or one floor lamp with two bulbs.


Having a home that bodes a variety of lighting you have the ability to create different atmospheres inside your home. For example, if you are looking to have a dinner party, incorporating lighting above your dining table with one or two wall lights you are creating a beautiful atmosphere for you and your guests. You can use a stunning centre piece lighting whilst enjoying your dinner, followed by lowering the lighting for the evening drinks afterwards.


An adequate amount of light in your home will significantly improve your mood and energy levels. Once you’ve established the best lighting in your home, as well as maximising your natural light, you will feel your energy levels and motivation improving vastly. Lighting can directly impact your appetite, concentration, energy, mood, and a variety of other areas of your life.

Maximising Natural Light

Maximising your natural light is important. If you feel your home is lacking, get rid of the curtains and introduce some sheer voiles, this way you can maintain some privacy on an evening but allow maximum light through your windows even on the duller days. Additionally, by adding a mirror adjacent to your natural light source, you are allowing the light to bounce across the room, creating a brighter room with depth and character.

Lighting Position

Lighting placed above eye level can lead to eye strain, also associated with a more formal atmosphere, whereas lighting placed below eye level is more calming, relaxing for your eyes, and associated with a more informal, relaxed occasion. For a relaxed atmosphere, you should introduce warmer tones through your lighting around the perimeters of the room, this way you will be able to wind down easily at the end of the day.

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