How Can Smart Home Technology Futurize Your Home?

How Can Smart Home Technology Futurize Your Home?

Are you worried that today’s smart home technology is only a fad that’s going to disappear tomorrow?

It isn’t a fad.

The smart home market is blowing up and isn’t expected to die down anytime soon. Reports show that the United States alone expects to see 63 million smart homes by the year 2022.

Smart home technology isn’t only convenient, it can also help lower your bills. Read on for several ways to build a futuristic house.

Smart Lighting

Are you tired of coming home to a dark house? The problem with leaving your lights on is that it’s a waste of energy. Why not have your lights come on automatically?

Smart lighting is a home technology that connects your LED bulbs to your WiFi network. It uses WiFi remote control to set your light bulb’s power on and off with your set schedule.

That isn’t the only great thing, either. Since your lights connect to your WiFi, you can use a smartphone app to control things. You can manage your lighting without getting off the couch. If you want to make things even more comfortable, connect your lights to your smart speaker, and use your voice to control your lighting.

Video Doorbell

Are you one of those people who dread answering the door? Sure, you might end up in a pleasant conversation with family, friends, or neighbors. On the other hand, you could end up talking to someone trying to sell you something.

Answering the door is less of an issue when you know who’s there before you answer it. That’s where a video doorbell comes into play.

Your video doorbell connects to your smartphone to give you a video feed of the person at your door. This means you can ignore the person there if you don’t want to speak with them.

Another feature new doorbells have is speaking to the person there without opening up for them. The doorbell has a speaker so that you can talk to them straight from your phone.

Automatic Cleaners

Do you have problems finding time in the day to run the vacuum? While it doesn’t take much time, many people don’t have a few minutes to run the vacuum across the floor. This leads to a massive amount of dirt buildup on your floor.

If you’re in this situation, a robot vacuum will help. These vacuums run by themselves and will vacuum your floors on their own. Most devices connect with WiFi and operate on a schedule.

Of course, you can still tell your vacuum to run manually. All you need to do is launch your smartphone app and tell your vacuum what to do.

Keep in mind, though, that a robot vacuum will provide a surface-level clean. If you want to deep clean your carpet, you’ll need to do a little work yourself.

Home Sensors

The typical smoke detector is a staple for any home. It’s a product you can count on to alert you whenever there’s a potential fire. Unfortunately, it does have limits.

You aren’t always going to be there to hear your alarms going off. That’s why it’s essential to buy connected devices that push alerts to your phone.

A smart smoke and carbon dioxide detector uses push notifications to notify you on your phone about issues. You can be anywhere globally and still know when emergency services need to stop by your house.

The same is true for other common home problems. Take flood damage, for instance. A water sensor in your basement can tell you when there’s standing water in your home.

Smart Thermostats

If you’re like most people, you leave your AC and heat at one temperature all the time. It’s more convenient to do this instead of going to the thermostat all the time to change things. The good news is that you don’t have to go through this hassle anymore.

It makes no sense to leave your home at a specific temperature when nobody is there to enjoy it. All you do is waste electricity and spend more money on your power bill. A smart thermostat will help by allowing you to change your home’s climate on a schedule.

Program your thermostat to change when you know nobody is home during the day. You’ll use less power during that time and still have a comfortable climate prepared for when everyone gets home.

Looking for more convenience? Pick up a WiFi air conditioner control unit and control everything with your smartphone.

Smart Speaker

Once you start adding smart home tech to your house, you should start noticing a problem. You’re going to have a ton of apps on your phone for all your products. It’s a pain to swipe through your phone to find the app you’re looking for.

A smart home speaker is a home technology that ties your smart home together. Instead of taking out your phone to do what you want, just talk to your speaker.

Google and Amazon create the two primary smart home speakers on the market. Each of them has installable scripts created by your smart home product manufacturers. To make use of them, all you need to do is tie them to your device.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing you can do with your smart feature. Make sure you investigate the other speaker functions to learn what else they can automate in your home.

Smart Home Technology Isn’t a Fad

There have been a lot of tech trends in the past few years that have come and gone. Smart home technology is one of those trends that are here to stay. Start upgrading your home today to take advantage of everything a smart home has to offer.

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