Home Sweet Home: How Do I Attract Home Buyers to My Property?

In an ordinary year, the average home spends 56 days on the market before it sells. During 2020, they’ve been flying off the market even faster every month.

So, if your home’s been up for sale for a lot longer than that, you’re doing something wrong.

Is there anything you can do to boost your home’s appeal? You bet there is. Try these top tips to attract home buyers and get your house sold faster.

Work With a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents know how to attract first-time homebuyers as well as those in search of their second or third property. They’ll also know which market your home’s likely to appeal to.

It’s best to choose an agent with several years of experience selling properties like yours.

These professionals can ensure your home gets the most exposure possible thanks to their extensive marketing knowledge and industry contacts.

Attract Home Buyers With Gorgeous Imagery

You are advertising your home online, right? Most prospective home buyers research homes for sale online first. They’ve been doing this long before online shopping became the norm across the world.

Beautiful images are one of the best ways to attract prospective home buyers to your home.

Avoid fancy filters and misleading images though. Work with your real estate agent to create flattering, yet honest images of your home’s best assets. They’ll know what works best.

Overdone edits may be a no-no when it comes to photographs of your home, but there are a few other tricks you can use to show it off at its best.

Keep it tidy. Don’t take photographs of unmade beds or rumpled bed covers.

Make sure your home’s tidy and neat before you take images for use online. Straighten books, artworks, and ornaments and make sure the kids’ toys are out of sight.

Hide any unsightly cords and wires, and turn your TV off while taking photographs.

Dark rooms don’t sell. Use natural and artificial light to brighten your rooms.

A little window dressing won’t do any harm. Place flower arrangements on tables and a batch of fresh-baked cookies on the kitchen counter.

If you have a pretty garden, be sure to include some snapshots of this too.

Share Your Home on Social Media

Social media platforms are the modern-day equivalent of the grapevine and a great place to advertise homes for sale.

Image-rich sites like Instagram and Facebook are the best places to generate buzz about your home for sale, especially in your local market.

A savvy real estate agent will know how to attract buyers to your home using all the tools available on these platforms. Hashtags, location tags, catch copy, and demographic targeting are all good tactics for attracting attention to your property.

A property video and 3D tours also work well for social media.

Save Money With Virtual Staging

Have you already moved to your new home? You might have a hard time attracting buyers to an empty house. Without furnishings, they can’t imagine themselves living there.

Getting a professional stager to set up your home for viewing is an expensive undertaking. Virtual staging is a much cheaper alternative that lets you add digital furnishings to your images to help you attract the interest of prospective home buyers.

Be sure to label the images with the words, ‘virtually staged’ so that buyers know that they’ll walk into an empty home when they arrive.

Create a Compelling Description

When describing your home, it’s best to get a professional copywriter to fill in the details for you. Persuasive descriptions help create the dream in prospective buyer’s minds.

Words help draw attention to the swanky new upgrades and highlights of your home. They describe the details clearly and emphasize locational details like nearby schools,

Your property description helps answer any questions that prospective buyers might have upfront and fill in the blanks that images simply can’t capture.

It’s important to use simple, effective language in your description but avoid pompous language. Bullet points are a good way to emphasize the most attractive aspects of your home.

If your home has any major drawbacks, it’s best to mention them here. That way, you don’t have to worry about buyers discovering glaring flaws on arrival, or during the home inspection.

When you warn them ahead of time, at least you know they’re already aware of any issues when they choose to view your home.

Use E-Flyers to Market Your Home

Once you’ve got gorgeous images and a persuasive description, it’s easy and cheap to make e-flyers for marketing your home. Several websites allow you to create these marketing materials for free.

You can forward these virtual pamphlets to everyone on your mailing list and ask them to spread the news. You can also send e-flyers to both local and out-of-town agents.

Sell Your Home in the Spring

Warmer weather draws prospective home buyers out of their winter hideaways, and most real estate agents say they’re busiest in the springtime.

You shouldn’t postpone your marketing efforts until March though. Start marketing your home well in advance so that all your efforts are in place when house-hunters start their searches in earnest.

Getting the Sale

Figuring out how to attract home buyers is the first step toward getting your home sold fast. Once you’ve got them inside, the rest depends on how well you’ve maintained your home and how you present it on the day.

If you want to find out more about creating beautiful interiors and exteriors for your house, keep browsing our blog.

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