Dos And Don'ts Of Hiring An HOA Management Firm In Flagstaff

Dos And Don’ts Of Hiring An HOA Management Firm In Flagstaff

HOA-managed communities in Flagstaff are in huge demand, and while living in a well-maintained community is a great experience, managing the affairs is seldom easy. If your current board is finding it hard to handle regular chores and tasks, it is time to outsource. Comparing flagstaff hoa management companies can be confusing, which is why we have enlisted a few dos and don’ts for your help. 

The dos

  1. Make a list of your requirements. Each community is unique in many ways, and before you narrow down the options, start with what’s expected from the new firm. That allows the board to evaluate whether a company would fit the bill. 
  2. Ask about the clientele. Not all HOA management companies are the same, and as a client, the board has the right to ask about the clients and existing profiles of a firm. Ask for references and check whether the company has good reviews. 
  3. Be specific about proposals. Once the board knows the challenges at hand, it should ask companies to share proposals to understand how they would handle HOA affairs and address the existing challenges. 
  4. Find more about their screening process for employees. How does a firm hire property managers and other employees? That’s a valid question that every client should ask to understand whether it would be wise to expect expertise from the new company. 
  5. Ask about resources. Does the company have a ready list of vendors, contractors, and other contacts in Flagstaff? It is a valid question because once the company is managing HOA affairs, the board wouldn’t want to chase around looking for people to manage regular maintenance work and chores. 

The don’ts

  1. Don’t look for the price alone. While the cost factor is not something that the HOA board can ignore, it is vital to think beyond that. If hiring a more experienced company costs a little more, it is worth it, 
  2. Don’t go for long-term contracts. Even when an HOA management firm offers a lucrative offer to sign a five-year contract, don’t go for that. Make sure that you start with a yearly contract so that the board can make decisions about their performance and future work. 
  3. Don’t rush the process. Eventually, the firm should become a part of your community and, therefore, take time to decide whether it would be the right fit. 

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