Designing a Child's Room: The Big Roundup of Kids' Bedroom Ideas

Designing a Child’s Room: The Big Roundup of Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Are you looking to redesign your child’s bedroom?

Choosing a design for a child’s bedroom can be a long and daunting process. Parents want to give their children a room that can grow with them. For many adults, their bedroom was one of the most memorable parts of their childhood.

Redesigning or getting their first room can be an exciting time for your child. You want a design that can suit your child’s tastes but will last over the years.

In this article, we give you some kids’ bedroom ideas. Planning a children’s bedroom can involve a lot of moving parts. Read on to discover more kid bedroom decorating ideas.

Wall Cover

Your choice of wall cover may depend on your child’s personal preferences. You may also want something that can last and grow with your child over the years. Here are some things you can try when designing your child’s bedroom.

Painted walls are the best option if you want to finish the job in a short time. It is also the most flexible to changes and updates in the future. However, you’re more likely to need a color swap if you choose a dark shade.

Colorful paint choices can give the room some extra personality. However, it could be difficult to find matching bed linen and other decorations. Paint with neutral colors is a safe choice and always keep color psychology in mind too.

Choosing Paint

If you’re looking for a flat finish, choose matt emulsion paint. Wipe-clean paint can last longer over the years. However, if you want to prevent marks and scuffs, look for paint that you can scrub.

You may also opt to cover your child’s room with chalkboard paint. You can cover an entire wall or choose only a small area. Prioritize paint with low VOC, so it doesn’t give off any harmful chemical fumes.

Choosing Wallpaper

Wallpaper is another great choice if you want to give your child’s room a personal stamp. Children’s wallpapers are often bold and busy. However, if you think it’s going to overwhelm or make the room smaller, this is optional.

If you’re opting for wallpaper, you don’t have to limit yourself to children’s wallpaper. You can choose wallpaper with geometric patterns. This type of wallpaper can come in a range of colors.

You can opt for a bold pattern or look for subtle shades to last as your child ages. Gray wallpaper with a unique pattern can serve as a great backdrop for evolving tastes.


Another way you can design your room with wallpaper is by making murals. Instead of working with regular rolls of standard wallpaper, you can size the design. Pattern matching with animals, maps, and astronomy can give your kid’s room a unique pop.

Choose Flooring

After choosing how you want to design your child’s room, you can move on to the flooring. Your options for flooring will include the following.


A good carpet flooring is the most popular and comfortable choice. It will cushion falls, soften the impact of items dropped on it, and is nice to sit on. Carpets are great for noise insulation if your children are rowdy are loud.

However, carpets can be hard to clean from spills and stains. You must blot stains immediately and put through gentle cleaning. If you’re looking for dirt and stain resistance, get polypropylene carpet.

20% human-made fiber carpet with 80% wool is the most durable type of carpet. They are also resistant to dirt and moisture. If you want to boost your child’s natural environment, get a carpet.

If your child has allergies, a carpet may not be the best choice. We recommend going for hard flooring instead.


Good vinyl should be hard-wearing, warm, and easy to clean. Vinyl is often a forgiving surface. You can find vinyl in brilliant colors to match your child’s wall paint or wallpaper.

You can also choose subtle shades to turn the focus on the floor. You may also look for a wooden vinyl design for a natural look.


Rubber is a great flooring choice for practicality. It is soft and comfortable to sit on. It is a forgiving surface that can dampen falls.


You may also opt to keep your surfaces wooden. It is natural and easy to clean. Solid wood with good quality is easy to sand and refurnish if your child makes any marks. Wooden flooring can last the longest over time.

It can match any changes in your child’s room. However, even with shock absorbance, wooden surfaces are noisier.

Curtains, Blinds, and Shutters

Window treatment can range from curtains and blinds to shutters. Choose which works best with your child’s bedroom scheme. Don’t forget to consider how much light your child’s room will receive.

Your choice will determine how much light will get blocked out. This may depend if your child’s room faces north or south.


Curtains are soft fabric drapes and are perfect if you want to introduce a pop of color to your child’s room. If your child has a neutral-colored room, curtains and drapes can add a unique color or pattern. However, curtains may be harder to clean.

You can find curtains with blackout lining. If you want to make the room darker, you can get a blackout blind.


Blackout blinds are great for blocking out light. You can also opt for decorative fabrics with blackout lining. Venetians can give you good light control and prevent glare on screens.

Motorized blinds or those with springs are children safe. You can fit a safety device to prevent your child from reaching the cord.


Shutters are best to keep daylight out and avoid sleep disruption. You can have shutters painted in wood furnishes. Slated shutters are also a good option for longevity.


Like any other room in your home, your child’s room needs a range of light sources. While you may not install these until later, you need to consider the lighting in the early stages. You can add other lighting in later stages.

You can get ceiling pendants, track lighting, or downlights for ambient lighting. For a child’s room, you may need to look for pendants with unique shapes. These can give you shadows with interesting patterns.

If ambient lighting isn’t enough, you can supplement it with downlights. Younger children may need night lights to get a comforting glow for the evenings. If your child is fond of reading, you can get a bedside lamp.

Bedside lamps are essential to prevent eyestrain and promote your child’s eye health. Select a bulb with an output of 400 lumens. Choose a desk light that can illuminate the whole area.

You can also use lighting to decorate your child’s room. You can use fairy lights or LED strips and stick them on the bedframe. For bedroom lighting, check out for more.

Children’s Bed

You can choose several options when looking for the best bed for a children’s room. Depending on your child’s needs, you may choose a bed from the following.

For Toddlers

Toddler beds are the best choice to prevent your child from rolling out. This type of bed is low to the ground. You can find unique wood frames to offer a whimsical design.

Full-Size Single Bed

A standard sized bed is the most practical choice to last over the years. You may also use this as a guest bed if your child decides to move out of their childhood bedroom. You can add guard rails to prevent your child from rolling out.

Raised Beds

A raised bed is the best for saving space. If you want to add temporary storage, you can slip it under the bed. You may also add a desk underneath. This does not limit the floor area.

Bunk Beds

The best option for room sharers or sleepovers is a bunk bed. If you’re looking to save and maximize space, a bunk bed may be the best solution. You can reserve the bunk bed for oversizes.

Storage Beds

For storage, you may also look for storage beds. These beds have built-in drawers and roll-out containers. You can match storage chests and shelving.

You may also look for an ottoman-style bed with big space. You can also access it by lifting the mattress.

Unique Bedroom Themes

Here are some of the fundamentals of designing a children’s bedroom. Here are some unique kids’ bedroom ideas.

  • Under the Sea Theme – Blue rugs, pillows, and other decorations
  • Bright and colorful – Take unique wallpapers and transform it into a mural
  • Classic Blue – This works best for gender-neutral rooms
  • Sunny Boho – Choose a gold bed frame and get rattan furniture

Here are only some designs for a children’s bedroom. Feel free to get creative and check out more.

Now You Know Some Great Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

Here are some great kids’ bedroom ideas for your child’s new room. However, designing a room your child will take with them as they grow can require more.

But why stop here when there are other rooms to decorate and work on? We’ve got you covered! Check out our other guides for designing bedrooms.

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