Concrete Leveling Costs Less Than Pouring a New Slab

Concrete Leveling Costs Less Than Pouring a New Slab

One of the best things about concrete leveling is that it costs far less than pouring a new slab. This is because the entire process is much simpler than pouring new concrete, which typically takes half a day or more. Compared to the time it takes to break out the old material and set up forms, concrete leveling is much quicker. The cost is usually fifty percent less as well. A slabjacking job typically takes less than a day.


Mudjacking involves injecting a cement slurry that is composed of sand, topsoil mix, and portland cement. This slurry has a high density and is very heavy, approximately 100 pounds per cubic foot. It is used to fix a sidewalk that has become uneven and unsightly due to poorly compacted soil. Because it is heavy, it can raise the slab on its collars or columns, leaving multiple voids underneath it. A properly done mudjacking process will result in a leveled and stable slab.

The process is much cheaper than full replacement of the concrete. The downsides are that the mudjacking process takes longer and can cause more damage. A polyurethane concrete-raising system is more accurate and durable than mudjacking. Because mudjacking slurry is made of natural materials, it can be too rough to fill voids, so it may result in further sinking. The final product may also be distorted, allowing weeds to grow through it.

Polyurethane injection

Concrete leveling is the process of injecting polyurethane foam under the slab to raise it. In Denver, polyurethane injection is the preferred option, because it uses less material than mudjacking or repouring. This process is also environmentally friendly and weighs two to four pounds per cubic foot. In addition to being less costly, polyurethane has superior lifting strength between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds per square foot. Leveled’s concrete lifting and repair solutions come with industry-leading warranties.

This innovative method involves delivering polyurethane foam in incremental injections to raise the concrete. The foam expands rapidly in between injections, allowing the technician to monitor the raising process as he applies it. A specially designed air-purged gun delivers the foam under the slab. The air-purged gun maintains a wide open port between injections, allowing the foam to fully expand. The HMI team spent several years developing its equipment to achieve precision results. One-way check valves prevent foam from flowing back into the concrete.

Concrete leveling foam

In contrast, modern concrete leveling methods use expanding foam to fill in cracks in the concrete slab. This method can last for years without repeated injections, and is relatively safe. In addition, the application of foam requires fewer holes than traditional methods, and the cured product is environmentally safe. And since polyurethane is a natural substance, it’s considered a suitable replacement for natural slurry. If you are planning to repair a concrete slab, consider enlisting the services of a company that specializes in specialized foam foundation repairs.

A concrete leveling foam process uses a two-part foam that is injected through a hole less than an inch in diameter. This material, when injected, expands to fill in any cracks and voids below the slab. Injection of foam in this way is a quick, effective method that preserves the original look of the concrete slab. Because of its rapid, non-invasive process, foam injection is ideal for highly visible areas, as well as for decorative concrete surfaces.

Using a concrete grinder to level a slab

If you want to make a smooth and even surface on a concrete floor, using a concrete grinder can help you accomplish this task. Using a concrete grinder is a fast and effective way to prepare a slab surface before installing a new floor covering. Somero offers a variety of concrete machines and equipment for the construction industry, and some even offer 24/7 technical support. Regardless of your specific needs, you’ll find that somero’s concrete grinders and other products can help you achieve the perfect floor.

Regardless of the size of your slab, there are some basics to remember when using a concrete grinder. First, choose the right tool for the job. Not only does it level the slab, but it can also be used to grind down hard coatings and cracks. Some grinders even have cutting discs to facilitate cutting of glass. Make sure to purchase the right one for your specific job. You can also purchase accessories to increase your efficiency.

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