Commercial Construction Facts

Commercial Construction Facts

Commercial construction plays a crucial part in the world’s economy. Since the pyramids’ time, it has been around and remains an ever-growing industry. The truth is that the construction industry revolves around society. As the population grows, commercial construction follows. Still, there are facts about building that you may not know and might find interesting. Click here to learn more.

1. Throughout History, Concrete has been used as a Building Material

You find concrete in well-known structures worldwide, from the Roman Pantheon to today’s modern international airports. The truth is the Romans had a unique concrete made of seawater, volcanic ash, and lime. Even the largest concrete structure, the Hoover Dam, used more than 3.25 cubic yards of concrete. Today, you find the material used in commercial construction globally.

2. The Industry Powers Economic Development

When the economy booms, it gives businesses opportunities to create new building projects. These new projects create employment with more workers to boost economic development. So when you see different commercial buildings popping up everywhere, it is a sign that business is good for industries. 

3. Millions of Tons of Steel Goes Into a Building Construction

When the Technological Revolution took place with the Second Industrial Revolution, steel was the foundation of building structures. Bessemer started the steel revolution, and in those days, it took a whole day to convert up to five iron tones into steel. Yet, the Bessemer process changed everything, and now you can have steel in 20-minutes.

4. Drone Use is Increasing In Commercial Construction

Yes, with technology improving, even construction techniques are changing. For example, with drones a big thing on the modern-day scene, it is growing in construction. More than 239% of drone use has taken place in the building industry over the past few years. In addition, you see drones used in the agriculture, mining, and construction industry. With aerial maneuverability, contractors can record videos and capture images to help them streamline and improve their projects.

5. Labor Shortage in Construction is Booming Technology

Commercial construction keeps responding with innovations. When confronted with change, it resulted in a labor shortage. This has resulted in sustainability resulting in software advancements in the industry. More technology like exoskeletons springing up to help people get work in complex and menial jobs.

6. The Average Construction Rental Time in Six Days

While each commercial construction project varies, they still need specialized tools to complete the work. In addition, each construction project has different equipment needs and is used at specific production stages. Hence, equipment rentals are a booming industry made possible by commercial construction, creating work for others.

7. Commercial Construction Is Crucial for Business Success

When you look at the quality and design of a building, it can influence the revenues or the business’s longevity. In addition, a commercial space designed to meet clients’ needs makes a statement about the business. Hence, choosing the right commercial construction contractor is essential for the success of that business.

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