Budget Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

Budget Bathroom Renovations in Sydney

None of us wishes to burn a hole in our pockets to renovate our bathrooms, and we all know how expensive bathroom renovations can be, especially in Sydney. Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation, somewhere you can escape to after a hectic day after a long day in the Sydney heat, to wash away your fatigue, or even for a weekend of home-spa relaxation. So, don’t let the cash crunch keep you from decorating your bathroom according to your wish because cheap bathroom renovations are much easier to achieve in Sydney than you realise. Here are some ideas for cheap bathroom renovations in Sydney you can try to make your bathroom reflect your own aesthetic and personality.

Painting is one of the basic decorative elements for any room in your house, and bathrooms are no different. One of the best ideas for cheap bathroom renovations is limiting your painting choices to a single or at most 2 colours. A white or cream colour scheme can look quite clean and chic, and we know how our Sydney folks love the contemporary look of an all-white interior. Hiring a decorator can get quite expensive in Sydney, so opting to do the paint job yourself will also cut down on the cost. If you wish to give it a touch of colour, you can simply add a colourful rug, a shower curtain, or even add a potted plant. But since bathrooms are a hotspot for the growth of mould and mildew especially because of the humid Sydney summers, you may wish to choose high-quality paint. You can also paint your cabinets and shelves to match the interiors.
If you want to go a step further, you can also pick bathroom tiles from thrift stores for cheap bathroom renovations, and depending on your choice these can add a whimsical look to your bathroom. You can also use similar tiles on your countertop and even your floors and around your mirror frame to colour coordinate, let your imagination run.

One of the best ideas for cheap bathroom renovations is opting for remodelling or redoing instead of buying everything brand new. Bathroom accessories and fixtures can cost a pretty penny in the Sydney market, so consider touching up your tubs and sinks, maybe pick a new, fancy faucet instead of buying whole new sets. In fact, there’s no need to rip out your entire plumbing system to remodel, you can stick to cheap bathroom renovations by simply leaving the base plumbing where they are. If you are capable and have some experience we would even suggest that you do some of the plumbing and toilet installation by yourself. Refine and update the fixtures like lights and cabinets instead of buying new ones. These are minor updates but together they can drastically change the entire look of your bathroom. You can also choose to buy used and second-hand toilets and showers for extra cheap bathroom renovations. Consider opting for DIY towel racks and shelves instead of buying whole new ones, as these can add a personal touch.

As a final note, don’t forget to be environmentally conscious while remodelling the bathroom of your Sydney home. Sticking to cheap bathroom renovations often ensures that you are reusing and recycling, thus sticking to the economical options has more perks than simply saving your hard-earned money.

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