7 Incredible Porch Light Styles Perfect for Any Home

7 Incredible Porch Light Styles Perfect for Any Home

Your porch is a great place to sit down and relax at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, it’s dark. As such, you’re looking to installing new lighting around it.

The question you have is: what types of porch light styles can you utilize? The options are endless but we’re going to cover the 7 best below!

1. Decorate the Doorway

One way to integrate light into your porch area is to decorate your doorway with it. There are a number of ways to do this, but the most visually appealing method is to place single lights on each side of the doorway. This lends symmetry to the area while also ensuring that it’s well-lit in its entirety.

Another option is to place a single light directly over the doorway. Note, though, that this might not be enough light to illuminate an entire patio area. It depends on the size of the light and the size of the patio.

There are all types of lights that you can use to implement this idea. Whether you want something traditional or modern, you’ll be accommodated. For examples of your options, peruse these fixtures from Pagazzi.

2. Bring it Out a Bit

It’s common to keep porch lights close to the home. In many cases, they’re mounted on the home itself. Note, however, that you don’t have to stop at the home. You can bring your porch lights out a bit.

Do you have an awning over your porch? If so, there are probably structural poles that you can mount lights on. If not, you could plant stakes into the ground, and then mount light fixtures to those stakes.

In either case, you would bring a great deal of atmospheric dimension to your porch. Not to mention, you would illuminate the entire area, making it easy for you and your family and friends to see each other.

3. Dangle!

Though it’s extremely common, you don’t have to mount your porch lights. You have the option to dangle them instead. Dangling them brings a whole other atmosphere, in addition to an entirely fresh type of illumination.

The perspective of the light will be different. The aesthetic of the lighting fixtures will be different. And you’ll likely establish a look that is different from the houses that surround you.

There are all types of porch lights that you can use to implement this idea. These run the gamut from pendants to chandeliers to lanterns and more. Browse your options and choose one that fits in with the aesthetic of your home.

4. Step It Up

Do you have steps leading up to your porch? If so, you should consider installing lights into those steps. Not only will this help to bring dimension to your porch, but it will also ensure that the steps are well-lit, reducing the risk of dangerous trips and falls.

The idea here is to use recessed lights. This way, the lights are essentially part of each step. They won’t protrude and they won’t lead to any functional issues.

Note, though, that if you’re going to do this, you should call up a professional. It’s difficult to carry out as a DIY project and, if you were to pursue it as one, you might actually end up hurting your property in the process.

5. Recess Your Lights

If you’re hoping for a clean, modern look, you should consider installing recessed lights. These lights are essentially built into structures. They don’t protrude past their exterior surfaces.

You can recess lights in essentially any structure. However, it’s most common to recess them in ceilings. So, if you have an awning, you should consider putting recessed lights in it.

Other options are to recess lights within the side of your home, within structural columns, or, as was stated before, within porch steps. Any of these would help to bring atmosphere and illumination to your porch area.

6. String Your Lights

A solid low-cost option is to string up your lights. This is as simple as buying Christmas-style lights and wrapping them around different entities on your porch. In terms of porch light aesthetics, it could almost be described as magical.

No, you won’t get quite as much illumination this way. However, you’ll have enough, and, in fact, the dimness could actually bring about a cozier atmosphere.

You can find string lights at any big box stores, not to mention online. Buy a set for $10 and give them a go. With any fortune, you’ll like what you see.

7. Try Candles

Artificial lighting is the safest and most reliable option. However, you don’t need to use artificial lighting. You could bring light to your porch area by investing in some candles.

Candles come in all sizes and can bring a great deal of illumination to the areas in which they’re set. Plus, they have a sort of traditional charm about them, one that can transform the atmosphere and feeling of your porch area.

You can mount your candles, you can dangle your candles, you can set your candles on the ground in a candle holder. The options are many in this department. So, get creative and establish an aesthetic that feels comfortable to you.

You can buy candles for as little as $1.50. They’re, at the very least, worth a try.

Your Porch Light Can Transform the Outdoor Area of Your House

If you’re looking to revolutionize the outdoor area of your house, you would be wise to implement one of these porch light styles. Not only will these lights help you to see, but they’ll bring a whole new atmosphere to your property as well.

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