6 Tips to Maintain a Lawn Edgers

Any independent house / villa or an apartment complex needs an astounding landscape that can make the stay for all the families pleasant. To have a well maintained landscape especially a lawn, one needs to spend time in keeping it trim and tidy. Many garden tools are available that can help in maintaining the desired look for lawns. A pathway or a sidewalk should be kept clean and this is where a edger plays a major role in helping achieve it. Lawn edgers can be either manual or automatic and depends solely on the usage.

The job of a lawn edger

Edgers are mostly used for clearing purpose so they give a nice cropped look to the lawn. Few important features of a lawn edger are:

  • Creates a nice separation between the lawn and the pathway
  • Gives a neat look to the lawn
  • Automatic edgers makes the job easier

Features of automatic lawn edgers

In olden days, only manual edgers were available and so it looked like a chore to complete the trimming work of lawn. Post the invention of automatic edgers, the popularity of automatic machines has increased and some of them are listed below.

  • Takes less time in getting the job done
  • Transformation of one’s backyard
  • Availability of blade adjustments
  • Quick assembly and easy usage
  • Can handle tough overgrowth
  • Works for maximum time
  • Handle with pivot for easy usage
  • Adjustable based on height
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

The features of the edger vary from one to another based on the cost or the style of make. The edgers run either in petrol or through electricity. Any basic edger would contain:

  • Engine
  • Pulley
  • Blade
  • Belt

These are important parts of any edger and they are mandatory because they give out the needed results in the lawn.

Steps to edge a lawn

Mowing of lawn is usually done after the edging is complete because it gives a better picture on how to mow the lawn. For any successful edging one needs to follow few steps.

Step1: Choosing the right edger that is light weight and easy to use

Step2: Scaling the edges that need trimming

Step3: Usage of the edger along the straight lines in the border of pathway and the lawn

Step4: A steady arm doing the edging job without any additional movement

Step5: Walking by the sidewalk rather than the lawn gives a better view

Step6: Slow and steady edging by movement of body gives a trimmed borderline between sidewalk and the lawn section

The choice of an edger is very important and while choosing one has to make sure that the lawn edger is very light as it has to be carried for a long time during edging. Looking once through the edging territory gives an idea about the sections that need trimming. Only a steady arm and a slow movement of body give a perfect partition between the sidewalk and the lawn.

Tips to maintain a lawn edger

However, it may sound easy in using a lawn edger; it is equally easy to take care of it. Few points or tips to take proper care of edgers are listed below:

  • Always follow the user manual for any issues
  • In case of troubles, call a proper service station for help
  • Always check the blades or wheels and replace if needed
  • Cleaning after each use is mandatory
  • Oiling to be done whenever required
  • Storing it in clean and dry place is always advisable

With so many features, a lawn can be maintained easily with lawn edgers as they are the best solutions for overgrowth of lawns in pathways.

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