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5 Reasons Why Backyard Farms Are Making a Comeback

Imagine stepping out your backdoor to harvest fragrant herbs, colorful vegetables, and fresh eggs. If that sounds too good to be true, it’s time to stop doubting yourself. You don’t need any special training to produce your own food!

Backyard farms are all the rage, and getting started is easier than most people think. With a little research and a small investment of time and money, you’ll be enjoying farm fresh meals in no time.

But delicious flavors aren’t the only reason your friends are building planters and chicken coops. Backyard farming has so many benefits. Here are 5 reasons why it’s making a comeback.

1. The Farm-to-Table Lifestyle Is Wonderful

Nothing is more satisfying than eating a juicy tomato you grew yourself or a plate of scrambled eggs laid by your very own chickens. Once you taste home-grown food, you’ll understand why so many people are crazy about backyard farming.

The possibilities are endless when you build a mini farm. You can raise beautiful, heritage breed chickens and grow heirloom vegetable varieties you would never find in a grocery store.

You’ll also gain a new appreciation for what’s on your plate — whether it came from your yard or the market. Backyard farming is the best way to understand what it takes to produce food, a topic most of us don’t know much about. Realizing how much love and effort is involved makes every meal taste sweeter.

2. Backyard Farms Offer Health Benefits

Enjoying nutrient-packed fresh eggs and veggies isn’t the only health benefit of home farms. In addition to boosting your intake of proteins and greens, you’ll get a great workout.

Digging in the dirt, planting seedlings, and weeding all count as exercise. In fact, gardening can burn up to 400 calories per hour.

Producing your own food also relieves stress and boosts confidence. You’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you harvest that first zucchini of the summer.

3. Your Backyard Farm Can Be an Extra Income Source

Even the smallest home farms can provide an extra source of income for your family. Start a side hustle by selling vegetables and eggs in your neighborhood or at a local farmer’s market.

If you raise chickens, you could also consider selling day-old baby chicks, stewing hens, or even ornamental feathers. Not sure where to begin? Chicken experts can walk you through the steps to successful backyard egg production.

4. Backyard Farms Are Easy on the Eyes

When you have a backyard farm, it’s hard to stop looking out the window. The view changes every day, as new flowers bloom and vegetables grow and ripen. Chickens will provide hours of entertainment with their unique personalities and interesting behavior.

5. Self-Sufficiency Is Appealing in Uncertain Times

It never hurts to be self-sufficient, but during these uncertain times, the idea is extra appealing. The COVID-19 pandemic means stores are frequently out of common food items, and social distancing rules can make grocery shopping unpleasant.

With a backyard farm, you’ll save money on groceries and you won’t have to rely completely on others to feed you.

You’ll Love Having a Backyard Farm

If you love flavorful, healthy food and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you’ll love backyard farming. There’s no downside to backyard farms. You’ll enjoy improved health, extra income, and fabulous views.

Share a few eggs and vegetables with your neighbors, and you might just become the most popular resident on the block.

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