5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Window Style for Your Home

5 Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Exterior Window Style for Your Home

With winter weather setting in across much of the United States, making sure you have the right windows is one of the best ways to stay warm and cozy. That’s not all: Updating your windows also often cuts down on home heating bills.

Investing in the right window style is valuable in warmer weather, too. Good windows are an essential part of your house’s insulation system. They keep heat out as well as they keep it in.

Buying new windows is a serious investment and shouldn’t be rushed. It’s vital that you take everything into consideration when choosing your next window styles. Take a look at these handy tips for making sure you get the right windows from the get-go.

1. Never Forget Ventilation Needs

Ventilation is a key consideration in industrial spaces where you’re working with high temperatures and dangerous fumes. Inside your house, you may rely on central air and ceiling fans to avoid stagnant pockets. You might not think about opening a window, ever!

Ventilation is still something you should keep in mind when choosing window styles for home purposes.

Choosing operable windows—windows that open—is often a smart option. Even if you have central air conditioning and don’t open windows to cool off, you’ll be glad to have the option if you burn something in the kitchen and need to get the smoke out.

When it’s not too hot out, you might also reconsider your AC habits. Opening your windows instead might save a buck.

On the other hand, some homeowners don’t want operable windows because they don’t want ventilation with outside air at all. Fixed windows—windows that don’t open—are an option for these homeowners.

Even though fixed windows aren’t operable, they’re not all decorative. One consideration is how they affect the lighting in your home, but they have an effect on ventilation, too. Decreased airflow can be a conscious choice.

Sealing off all gaps might be wise if you live in a frigid environment and never want to let the cold in. Allergy sufferers who have strong reactions to pollen and other allergens might also consider fixed windows to remedy the problem.

Don’t forget that you may not own your home forever. If you move, having operable windows will appeal to buyers in most areas. New, high-quality operable windows shouldn’t let any drafts or pollen in if you don’t open them.

2. Consider What You Want on the Inside

When choosing exterior windows for your home, your first thoughts have to do with curb appeal. You want to make a good impression, but you shouldn’t discount what you want to see on the inside. Some of the most quaint-looking window grid styles that are great from the outside could drive you bonkers from the inside if they block your view.

The inside appearance of your windows will also have as much of an impact on your home’s selling price as curb appeal does. Depending on the buyer, the right choice might raise the price even more. If the windows don’t look nice from the inside, it could put a big dent in the money you get.

3. Open Your Mind to Trim Color Possibilities

You might not put too much thought into the color of your window frames. There’s nothing wrong with standard white frames, and they work well for most homes. But before you go with the default, have you considered that there might be a better fit for your house?

Choosing the right colors for the exterior of your house can up the value of your home, but mismatching colors could mean kissing that money goodbye. If you paint your house a popular color that doesn’t go well with white window frames, try another color of trim.

Don’t go too wild if you’re looking to raise the value of your house or have to stick with neighborhood regulations. More creative neutrals like blacks, grays, and browns, and toned-down colors like pastel or dark greens and gray-blues may be appropriate. Picking a window trim color that sets your house apart can put more equity in your pocket.

4. Look Past the Standard Square

Square and rectangular windows are the most popular choice, there’s no doubt about it. When you buy new windows, consider taking the road less traveled. Shaking things up creates visual interest and could even raise your home’s value, so long as you show some restraint.

You might look into a bow window or even a circular window if you have the right place for one. Something appropriate for more homes is Mediterranean arch-topped windows, which make stylish and unique statement pieces.

Interesting frames from major brands mean that you don’t need to pay a ridiculous price for window trim styles that set your house apart. One good example is Marvin windows installation.

5. Go for a Decorative Window Style

On the other hand, you might not be thinking about ventilation or sunlight at all. If other windows cover all your ventilation and lighting needs, consider fully decorative windows and window trim styles.

A stained-glass window is the most common example of a 100% decorative window. You can get pre-made stained glass windows from some major companies and stores. If you’re buying something so special, though, why not work with an artisan for a more personal touch?

Once you choose a stained-glass piece or another artistic choice, work with a window company to make sure you pair it with the right trim. This step is extra important with decorative windows and custom pieces. If the glass itself features color, you have more matching considerations to take into account.

Picking window trim for colored glass means the trim has to go well with the glass colors as well as with the interior and exterior of your house. The wrong color trim could tank the worth of your artistic window choice.

Whether you’re using colored glass or not, another consideration with decorative windows is making a transition between the window and the colors on the outside and inside of your house. Too subtle of a transition won’t make decorative windows pop. Too bold of a transition draws attention away from the window.

When you get the balance right, a decorative window can make your house the attraction of the block.

Get Your Home Improvements Right the First Time

Now that you know how to choose a new window style, you can hurry up and get new windows in your home before the worst of winter comes. If it’s warm where you are, don’t wait too long: The right windows help you save on cooling bills, too!

Once your windows are up-to-date and you’re looking for other ways to update your house, take a look at another article. We have all the right advice for you to get the best home improvements done right the first time around.

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