3 Critical Qualities of the Best Solar Companies

3 Critical Qualities of the Best Solar Companies

Energy expenses cost Americans about $110 every month. You may decide that it’s time to do your part to cut energy costs by installing solar panels.

It makes sense when you add up tax incentives, the increased value in your home, and reduced energy costs. In order to make it all work, you have to have an expert installation.

There are too many mistakes that are made when installing solar panels. These mistakes are expensive and limit the cost savings. The best solar companies have a few things in common.

Read on to find out what they are to make sure your solar installation is flawless.

1. Knowledge and Experience

The most common way to look for the best solar companies is to go online and search for “solar providers near me.” That will give you a list of companies, but they may not necessarily be the best companies.

You need to dig deeper and see what these companies offer. Some may only provide commercial solar services, while others provide solar home installations.

It’s important to read the online reviews of solar installation companies. Look to see if there’s a pattern of issues that turn up.

It’s possible that a solar company uses salespeople to do the initial visit and get you to sign the contract. When it’s time to install the solar panels, you have issues that should have been spotted earlier in the process.

Make sure that the solar company is licensed and insured to operate in your state. You should also see how many years they’ve been in business and how long the installers have worked in solar.

2. Relationships With Vendors and Manufacturers

Solar companies work with various manufacturers. Some manufacturers have high-quality solar panels, and there are other manufacturers that offer low-quality solar panels.

You want to work with a solar installer that works with manufacturers that provide a good value. The right mix of quality and cost can go a long way.

3. After Installation Support

Does your solar company have a warranty on the installation? What kind of support is available after installation?

These are the most critical questions to ask any solar energy company.

The best solar companies in your area will have a warranty on the labor. Should something come up after installation, you know that you’re covered.

Some installation companies offer maintenance plans, where they make regularly scheduled visits to check on your systems and clean the panels. Maintenance is the best way to maximize your savings and extend the life of the panels.

The Qualities of the Best Solar Companies

What do the best solar companies have in common? They have a lot of knowledge and experience. They know what sized solar panels you really need and where they get placed.

They have a program in place to maintain your solar panels and have a warranty for their work.

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